best deer sausage seasoning

  • who has used seasoning in deer sausage and what seems to give it the best flavor; i lean to just a little spicy but not too hot. also what is best casing?

  • ravery y

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    ravery when making deer sausage you will need the proper amt. of pork and fat ,collagen casings are easy to work with and as far as flavor it is a matter of personal preference all waltons seasonings I have used are good just look up conversion charts in the search for the amt. you are using.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee

    ravery Fresh or cured sausage? Snack Sticks almost anything will go pretty good with deer.

    Htach Green Chiil
    Supreme Pizza
    Habanero Mango

    Chili Dogs
    Landjaeger(personal favorite)

    Snack Stick:
    Dill Pickle (as long as you like dill pickle flavor)
    BBQ Habanero

    For casings, I would go with Fresh or Cured collagen if you are making larger diameter (like a bratwurst) and Smoked collagen if you are making snack sticks.

    Hope it helped!

  • I dont like adding fat or pork trim to my venison sausage like i do to my bambi dogs. I use butcher and packer supply ring bologna seasoning and 100% venison. Use a good binder. I like 1.5" x 12" fiber casings since they cook faster and fit better on a cracker. Add some high temp cheese and u have an awesome bambi snack.

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    That is very subjective, but what I’ve made with Venison is the Italian sausage, 3 different breakfast sausages (Holly Reg, 1504 and W110), Cotto Salami and Jalapeno summer sausage and I think I made the Roasted Garlic as well but can’t remember for sure. What I plan on making when I get around to processing the meat from the latest deer is the Hatch green chili bratwurst, W 110 breakfast sausage and probably the regular Salami and also Willie’s snack stick. I also add between 25-30 % Pork fat if my butcher has it available, if not then I do a 50-50 mix of Venison/Pork shoulder and it comes out great. If I am making a Fresh sausage I usually lower the fat content, but once again if I have to use Pork shoulder I do a 50-50 mix.

  • Let me clarify. I add pork fat for everything except the trail bologna i spoke of above. Breakfast sausage and brat type sausage require plenty of creamy pork goodness.

  • hello, new to the forum, I have question. I am making venison summer sausage. I purchased today some Habenaro BBq season , casings, cheese and encapsulated citric acid. My question is do I use the encapsulated citric acid along with the cure packet that comes with the seasoning, or do I just use the citric acid.
    Thanks for your helo

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    smoker63 Use the citric acid if you want a tang flavor…but you need to use the cure when making summer… if you use the citric you can go right into the smoker if you only use the cure you’ll need to stuff your casings then hold overnight for the cure to work…in my opinion I wouldn’t use citric with the Hab bbq…I think that seasoning is great all by itself probably my fav for snack sticks…haven’t tried it for summer yet and not quite sure how it’ll taste with cheese…I’m sure someone will chime in if they’ve used cheese with it…hope everything makes sense

  • Thank you I appreciate it!

  • Team Blue

    I use the recipe from and I like Walton’s 32mm tubed natural casings. These casings are easy to use and bite easier than the collagen.

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