Use a Thermometer for Consistency & Safety

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    Meat Hacks: Use a Thermometer for Consistency & Safety

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    Use a Thermometer for Consistency & Safety

    Using a thermometer is very easy and can really help in your cooking, grilling, and sausage making to ensure your cooking is consistent each time you smoke or cook meat. People have a tendency to under-cook beef and over-cook pork and chicken. Using a thermometer can allow you to easily know exactly when your product is done and avoid under-cooking or over-cooking and produce a much more consistent cook cycle for a perfect result every time. Thermometers are also great for meat safety to make sure you meet lethality and kill as much bacteria as possible for a safer product. There are tons of options for thermometers available from the extremely small and inexpensive units plus even fancier features and wireless capabilities. Check out the Meat Thermometers page at to find all the options available and make your cooking and grilling safer and more consistent.

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