how to make dried venison (chipped venison) for SOS

  • I have been doing research on how to do this. Seems to be a lot of ways but not sure what the best one is. Has anyone done this before? Joe Hell any suggestions?

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    Darkfish89 I have never played around with that one but it sounds pretty good. I would imagine you could find a recipe for chipped beef and go from there. My dad would always make us a variation of SOS when we were kids. I found a recipe on Allrecipes, “Creamed Chipped Beef On Toast” that had nearly 600 positive reviews.

    The dried beef process itself sounds easy as well and there are tons of recipes to be found. Cure, dry, smoke, slice. I think I will start experimenting very soon using a trimmed eye of round and a beef bacon cure recipe from Jess Pryles. Google her!

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    Darkfish89 First of all, great profile photo! Second I think Parksider does something he calls George Washington Jerky or something like that. We are going to do some experimenting here and we will get back to you!

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    Darkfish89 on your dried venison the way I am familiar is old school with beef as I saw it done it was brined , smoked (the smoking starts the drying ) then it was dried on a low heat and turned occasionally over an extended period of time till desired dryness is achieved . once it is smoked as any whole muscle meat and brought up to an IT. of a safe temp. you could then slice then dehydrate.

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