What is the difference in Sweeter than Sweet Cure and Insta cure #1?

  • New to the sausage making game. I see all these different cures, if I’m wanting to try my hand at summer sausage can I use the Sweeter than Sweet cure? Do all cures serve the same purpose?

  • Walton's Employee

    @WildWest No, the Sweeter than Sweet is for Hams and Bacon and a few other items. For making summer sausage/snack sticks / other cured sausage you should use Sure Cure which will be included with any cured sausage seasoning.

  • @Jonathon
    Speaking of cures. Stopped in awhile back to check in on the old people, aka my parents. Mom was excited to show me a sausage recipe she found in some family archives. It called for level teaspoon of saltpeter dissolved in water. Would love to make this for her. Could I substitute Sure Cure for this? Recipe is for a fifty pound batch but would scale that back. I should take a pic of it and post. Rather interesting.

  • Walton's Employee

    Saltpeter had nitrites and nitrates in it, so it would give you some instant curing power and then the nitrates would slowly break down into nitrites and give you long-lasting curing power.

  • @Jonathon
    So would Sure Cure work? Also have no idea how they finished this. She vaguely remembers her uncle having a smoke house at his farm. Only thing she really remembers is that it hung in rings in an upstairs room of the farm house over the winter.

  • @PapaSop

    Here’s a pic of the recipe. What I thought was interesting was the fact they had pre soaked the onion and garlic in warm water before adding adding to the meat. Must have made for a helluva flavor profile.


  • @PapaSop
    Also, can’t imagine using that much salt… Wow.

  • Regular Contributors

    @PapaSop if your grandparents were hanging these like hams I wonder if that 1 lb. of salt is used for a preseritive and rubbed on the outside before hanging?

  • @craigrice
    Yeah, this is a tough one. Will probably never know the answer. All of mom’s older siblings have passed on. I still might do a small batch of this and do it as a summer sausage. Just curious about the taste. Thanks.

  • @Jonathon since this has popped up I was going to brine a pork butt and use one of these cures in the Hope’s to smoke it until about 185 or 190 and have it turn out a little more on the “hammy” side of things similar to some of the hogs that we have experienced. Will the sweeter than sweet cure be a good candidate for this?

  • Walton's Employee

    @erich52 Is your thought for pulled pork or are you wanting to slice it like ham? If you want to slice it you are going to run into some problems but if you are looking for a more ham like pulled pork then this will work, and I think it will work quite well to be honest! If you decide to do this, please let me know the results as I am interested in this!

    @PapaSop Sure cure will work if you are wanting to do the thermal processing all in one go as that will keep it safe through the smoking process. Since they used salt-peter I am going to guess (and while it’s a good one it is a total guess) that they cold smoked and dry-cured this product. I might be wrong but that’s my first thought from looking at the ingredients. If you wanted to give this a try, and I hope you do, then I would recommend cooking it as we recommend a cured sausage, so follow this smoke schedule (https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/761/cured-sausage-108-basics-for-making-smoked-sausage)

    I also think what @craigrice said makes sense about it being an outside rub but also, maybe not. They are talking about a 50 lb meat block, so 1 lb of salt would be 2% of the total weight of that meat block which is on the high end if this was a fresh sausage but in a cured sausage (which this is) it can go as high as 3% without any real problems.

  • @Jonathon I am probably looking for mor of a chopped outcome out of it. Not quite pulled but close. I will post some pics/ updates on the outcome.

  • @Jonathon
    Thanks. Will take a look at that.

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