• I’ve never made salami or summer sausage yet but want to try it soon. My question is; do I follow similar guidelines as to when I make meat sticks as far as mixing for about ten minutes or until meat is very “sticky” and smoking/cooking temps starting low and increasing little by little until around 155ish? Do I need to put in ice water bath for a bit before letting set out for a bit before vacuum sealing? Thanks for any advice

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    Doug Kapfenstein There really isn’t much more to it than what you just said, you’re dead on there! Salami CAN be a little different depending on what you want. If you want really good particle definition then I would grind your fat and lean separate and then mix them together. If you don’t care about particle definition then the only difference between salami and summer sausage is the seasoning and maybe the casing you use!

    Either way, I’d follow this process https://meatgistics.waltonsinc.com/topic/619/how-to-make-homemade-salami but if you aren’t looking for particle definition and you are comfortable enough making summer sausage without a step by step process to refer to then you can make Salami!

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