Smoking times with different size casings

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    In the past With my summer sausage I’ve used the fibrous mahogany 2-1/2x20 casing. This year for a convenience factor I’m planning on using a 2x12 casing Which is about a 1 lb size. In the drying, smoking segment I figured to use the same temps for the same length of time. Starting them and increasing them as in the summer sausage video. The only difference being that my 160° internal temp will be reached in less time so my product will be finished sooner, or should I adjust the initial drying time and smoking time due to my much smaller casings.

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    denny66 No adjustments necessary, with a smaller diameter casing one of the benefits is that you will be done more quickly as there is less distance for the heat to have to pass through, so you “should” be done with your smoke schedule faster. Let me know if I misunderstood?

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