Dehydrated Bacon

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    Dehydrated Bacon

    See what happens when you cover sliced bacon in some of your favorite seasonings and put it in the dehydrator instead of an oven or pan! Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Dehydrating Bacon

    In our quest to constantly use Bacon in new and interesting ways we tried sprinkling a few different seasonings on sliced bacon and then pan-frying or cooking it in the oven. We loved the results but wanted to keep trying new things with it, so I decided to try dehydrating it, and the results were fairly earth-shattering. It turns out that we have been eating bacon wrong this entire time!


    1. Lay your bacon out on cutting mat or board and sprinkle your chosen seasoning onto one side, then flip and repeat.
    2. Turn your dehydrator on at 160° and set the timer for 4 hours.
    3. After each hour switch the racks, so the one on the bottom moves to the top and all others move down one row.
    4. Cut up into small pieces for easy enjoyment!


    We didn’t set out to change our bacon world with this experiment but that’s exactly what ended up happening. When the bacon is dehydrated it adds a charcuterie like effect that is difficult to accurately describe. First, when you initially bite into it the fat just seems to explode and you get an absolutely wonderful taste. The only downside is that once that initial flavor burst is past the fat does become chewy so we do recommend that you take small bites. Don’t worry though, as soon as you are done you will go back for more!

    Shelf Stable

    After 4 hours of dehydrating this had a water activity of .58 which is so low that the pH hardly even matters! However, while ours was perfectly shelf stable with a pH of 5.1 without a pH and Water Activity Meter we suggest you treat this as you would any cured sausage.

    Best Shakers

    #1 Was the biggest surprise to us. I love Salt & Vinegar on a lot of things but this is by far the best use I have found for this seasoning! Don’t discount how good this is, I know it doesn’t sound like a normal pairing but the results are outstanding!
    #2 Cinnamon Toast Shake has never let us down and it’s not about to start with this one! Described most accurately as candied bacon what is not to love?
    #3 Smokehouse BBQ adds a great mix of smoke flavor and sweetness!
    #4 Buttery Garlic A little of this seasoning goes a long way, but if you like this seasoning in general you will love it on dehydrated bacon!

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  • Power User

    I might try this with beef bacon this weekend!

  • Regular Contributors

    @Jonathon Did you use thick cut bacon for this? (not that any other kind is really worth eating)

  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell Im sure it would be good with beef bacon too @Tex_77 I used the cheapest bacon I could find and it wasnt thick cut. If you do use thick-cut maybe an extra hour or so in the dehydrator.

  • Regular Contributors

    @Jonathon Good to know, I’m going to try it out this weekend.

  • I was hoping to see some up close images of the finished product!

  • Galileo? Copernicus? Thought we didn’t use big words here.😲 Just received the salt and vinegar shaker. Trying this tomorrow.

  • Regular Contributors

    Well I gave up on the dehydrator, even though mine has a setting for 160, I dont think it was anywhere near it, as I had the bacon on for around 8 hours and it wasn’t done yet. Now I’ve got them finishing up at 150 in the oven with the convection fan on.

  • Had to try this today. Used three different seasonings just because I could. This was think cut bacon. Was in the dehydrator for 4 1/2 hours. Was still a little greasy when I pulled it out but was heading to another gig.
    Laid on paper towels to cool, package up and headed to a friend’s house. They all loved it.

    IMG_20191109_094259.jpg IMG_20191109_094544.jpg IMG_20191109_142801.jpg

    Salt and vinegar… Surprising very good.
    Garlic pepper… Very good.
    Bloody Mary wing shake… Outstanding.
    Nothing like bacon with a little kick.

    Will definitely do this again. Wish I would have tried the garlic romano on this.

  • @Tex_77
    Damn. Sorry to hear that. Wow.

  • Regular Contributors

    @PapaSop what kind of dehydrator are you using? Maybe I’m looking for the wrong texture for it to be done??

  • @Tex_77
    Old Nesco. Meat itself was done. Fat was a little greasy but after cooling and sitting a bit it was great. First time ever having some grease drippings in the bottom of the dehydrator. Now for doing dishes… Argh.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Tex_77 Yeah if you were going for 8 hours then something was up. you could try an oven for a short period of time and then move it? That way at least you know you are safe.

  • Regular Contributors

    @PapaSop mines a Nesco too. I’m about to pull it out of the oven. Pictures to follow.

  • Regular Contributors

    I seasoned it with Butcher BBQ Butchers Private Seasoning. I’d post the finished product, but it won’t upload, but here’s what it looked like to start.

  • Regular Contributors

    @Jonathon well here’s the final product, it was pretty tasty!

  • @Tex_77
    Looks great.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Tex_77 looks awesome!

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