Snack stick questions?

  • Hey guys! Making 15 lbs of snack sticks using the Walton’s Pepper Stick seasoning. I’ve been watching all the videos and one part I’m not sure of. He says to put it in a cooler overnight. What exactly does he mean by this? In an empty ice chest? In an ice chest with ice? In a fridge?

    Thanks in advance. Just want to make sure I get it right.

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    armyguy refrigerator would work just fine. Want to keep the meat cold.

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors

    armyguy he means the fridge. If you aren’t using a cure accelerator you need to hold the meat for at least 12 hours for the cure to do its thing.

  • Here’s what I’m getting from it:

    -125° for 1hr with dampers wide open.

    -Close dampers almost all the way, add smoke and water pan, bump temp to 140° for 1hr.

    -Bump temp to 155° for 2 hours.

    -Bump temp to 175° until IT of sticks is 160°.

    -Immediately dump in an ice bath to quickly cool.

    -Let sit on counter for an hour after removing from ice bath.

    -Put in cooler overnight before vacuum packaging.

    I’m going to use sodium erythorbate to cure before smoking so I don’t have to hold it overnight.

    So I still need to hold them overnight in the fridge before I vacuum pack them?

    One other question. I’ve never been the best with math. How do I figure out how much protein to fat these pork butts I just bought at Costco have?

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors

    If it was me I would hold them overnight in the fridge before I vacuum pack them. We usually just throw ours in a cooler with the lid open in the garage overnight but we make sausage in Dec-Jan so it’s plenty cold. As for your butts not quite sure what to say…we also use butts from Sams/Costco and if we would do a 25lb batch of something we would use 25-30% butts so 6.25-7.5 lbs butts to 17.5 deer or burger. Hope this helps you out.

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors

    armyguy I leave the fat cap on the butts and I like a 50-50% ration of butts to venison. Pork shoulders/butts are a relatively lean cut without the fat cap so I leave it on mine. I have a local butcher I can get straight pork fat from and if I do then I shoot for a 70-30 lean to fat ratio when making stuff like snack sticks, summer sausage and salami. When I make fresh sausage I like an 80-20 lean to fat ratio, and I usually use a little carrot fiber binder, although I don’t think that it absolutely necessary. I hope this helps, it works for me.

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    armyguy are you using straight pork butts for you snack sticks or mixing with another protein? Keep in mind the butts at best are 70/30 and could be 80/20. So if you are mixing with a lean protein like venison your ratio would be lean. If that is the case i would recommend going to a local butcher shop for staight pork fat. Get the fat from the back and not the belly

  • Thanks guys! Right now I’m just using 100% boneless pork butts from Costco. It came in a two pack from Swift premium. I’m just experimenting with this batch. I’m doing 15lbs.

    This is what the label said:

    Serving size 4oz(117g)
    Calories from fat 170
    Total fat 18g per serving
    Protein 19g per serving

    How do I know if I’m getting the 70/30 that I’m looking for based on those numbers? If I need to add more fat I have to pounds of pork fat from my butcher leftover.

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    This post is deleted!

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    armyguy you should be fine with just the pork butts.

  • Alright one last question. These things have been on the PK100 forever. I can’t get them to reach the 160° mark. Temp is at 175 and has been since about 7am PST.

    How long do they usually take to get there?

  • Power User

    armyguy is that the highets the pk100 goes? What is the internal meat temp right now?

  • I believe it’ll go to 250°. They were at about 150 earlier but Everytime I open the door(every two hours) to check temp they drop. I thought about bumping the temp up but I don’t want to cook them.

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    armyguy if they are at 160 they have reached a safe temp to be fully cooked that is what I cook all mine to

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    armyguy you can always simmer them in water that is on the stove that is holding about 175 and they will finish in a short time

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    armyguy i take mine to 156° internal meat temp per recipe from the manufacturer of my smoker. You really need to invest in a thermometer that you can leave in the meat with digital read out on the outside. Opening the door kills it. I believe if you maintain a minimum of 140° for 4 hours it is considered safe. I would not be afraid to bump it up to 185° to get over the stall period

  • I actually went ahead and bumped the smoker temp up to 185° and it raised the IT to 160° pretty quick. Got them into an ice bath for 25-30 minutes and now they are drying on the counter. I tried one and they definitely got a lot of smoke. Good flavor but a little drier than I’d like.

    I do have the Thermoworks Smoke but the meat probe is tweaking out. I was able to get it to work so I knew when I was at the IT. Need to get a new probe but I’d like to get something that can take like 6 probes. That way I can have two for grate temps and a few for different snack sticks.

    Here’s a video of a toy that sure made things a lot easier than my hand mixer. Obviously comparing apples to oranges but it’s nice. Except for the cleaning because it doesn’t come apart so that’s a PITA.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee

    armyguy Oh heck yeah, nice pick up on that Talsa Mixer! Those things are awesome! You can really get great protein extraction without smearing any fat in those. The first time I used one I thought it wasnt working because the meat just looking like ground meat that had been mixed a few times, and didnt have the look it gets when mixed in retail mixers. But sure enough, I picked it up and it was stretchy and sticky but still have great particle definition!

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