Using Cure Accelerators In Making Sausage

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    WaltonsTV: Using Cure Accelerators In Making Sausage

    Meat Hacks: Using Cure Accelerators In Making Sausage

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    Benefits of Using Cure Accelerators In Making Sausage

    A lot of our recipes from Walton’s and Meatgistics call for a 12 hour holding period when making cured sausage. What this does is allow the cure to begin working before you begin thermal processing, cooking, and smoking. However, if you want to skip this step, and proceed directly to smoking after processing or stuffing into casings, you can use a cure accelerator to avoid that holding period. Multiple different types are available at One key point to remember though is that if you are using a cure accelerator in a pickle or brine, do not save any leftovers. Only mix what you need for immediate usage and discard any and all leftovers. You should also avoid any direct contact or storage with cure accelerators and cure or nitrites. Lastly, another big benefit of using a cure accelerator is to improve your meat products flavor stability and it promotes an extended shelf life.

    What Kind of Cure Accelerators Are Available?

    1. Smoked Meat Stabilizer - One of the easiest options for homemade sausage, but it cannot be used in pickle or brine
    2. Sodium Erythorbate - The most popular used option overall in the meat industry
    3. Cure Excellerator - Excalibur Seasoning’s customized blend of Sodium Erythorbate and Sodium Citrate that is faster acting than pure Sodium Erythorbate
    4. Encapsulated Citric Acid - This is what is typically used in making summer sausage and snack sticks to provide a tangy flavor, but it also acts as a cure accelerator

    So if you want to skip the 12 hour holding period when making cured meats between processing and cooking, simply use a cure accelerator, and get the added benefits of flavor stability and a potentially better shelf life.

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  • I have used willies snack sticks seasoning with 4 oz of encapsulated citric acid to 25ibs. Would like to make it less tangy with say only 2oz ECA. My question is this enough for a cure accelerator or should I be adding say Sodium Erythorbate or smoked meat stabilizer as well? Is there any harm in using both?

  • Team Blue Cast Iron Canning Dry Cured Sausage Masterbuilt

    How long are you holding your meat for? ECA is really more about the acidity tang, but if you need to setup the cure time then yes add sodium erthryobate. Smoked meat stabilizer is designed more for wild game processing, but you if don’t like the acidity in your sticks then leave out the ECA and either hold meat longer or add SE.

  • Dan Bieno 0 Replace the Encapsulated Citric Acid with Sodium Erythorbate for a less tangy taste.

  • Yearling

    Can you make up your sausage and use the smoke meat stabilizer all on the first day and still smoke and cook the falling day

  • Team Blue Big Green Egg Masterbuilt Canning Kamado Joes Regular Contributors Power User

    Johnboy13 if you are going to hold your product till the next day there is no reason to use a cure accelerator (smoked meat stabilizer). Holding it overnight allows time for the cure to work on its own. Hope this helps.

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