Nutrition info?

  • Although taste in my book is much more important…

    any thoughts as to the calorie count etc on a summer sausage (2 lb deer, 10oz pork fat, 6 oz hi temp cheddar cheese + seasoning/cure)?

  • you are right where you need to be with the pork fat. an equation to remember is F + S = 🙂 (fat plus salt = flavor)

  • Walton's Employee

    Protein (P ) Fat (F) Carbs ©

    Deer 2 lb:
    Calories 1340
    230 Protein
    30 Fat
    0 Carb

    Pork Fat:
    Calories 1,839
    14 Protein
    201 Fat
    0 Carb

    Calories 360
    Protein 18
    Fat 6
    Carbs 0

    So, that would be 3,539 Calories, 262 grams of portein, 237 grams of fat and no carbs. Now, that doesn’t factor in the seasoning but even if you are using a BBQ seasoning with a lot of sugar it is still so low that I don’t think it is going to matter ton. I might be wrong on that but I have done the math in the past for seasonings and it is just above what you can declare as “sugar free” which is less than 0.5 grams per serving.

  • @Jonathon
    Thank you, just what I was after.

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