Does plate size for 1st and 2nd grind really make a difference?

  • Novice question, most all the info I read says to first grind with a 3/8” plate than re-grind with an 1/8” plate. why not just grind the 1/8” plate twice? TIA

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    WildWest yes plate size matters the 3/8 " is known as a breaker plate it starts to breakdown the fat and protein to a size that not only will grind better through the 1/8" plate it also aids in a better fat distribution

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    Yep. I agree with what he said.

    Also,since you stated you are just starting I’ll give you some lessons I have learned.


    1. Meat must be cold to go through an 1/8" plate. Not frozen but cold!

    2. It’s best to freeze your head assembly of you grinder before starting any grind.

    3. Don’t push it! Just let the meat feed itself. Occasionally you may need to use the stomper the push the meat down the spout on the 2nd grind and that’s ok. Just don’t stand on that stomper!

    Hope this helps.

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    WildWest From experience if you try to grind your meat twice with the 1/8 plate you will end up with a mushy mess, but I do grind my beef fat with a 1/8 plate the first time then mix with my meat and then grind both together for the final grind. I feel I get better fat distribution with the fat.


  • It depends on how much you are grinding.
    If just a pound or two, a dinner plate might do.
    But for larger amounts you may need a platter, or even a tub.
    Since I use my wife’s Kitchenaid, I do my first grind into the mixing bowl (5 pound batches), then mix in the fixins.
    After chillin the villin in the cooler, I will regrind but usually right inta the stuffer can.
    Then roll out the big longin.
    So yeah, plate size matters if you want your meat off the table.

    Got to be careful or somebody like me will give you a really silly answer…

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    WildWest I have the Weston #22 Butcher grinder and it flies through the meat so I grind once on the small plate. We like the “chew” Texture for our snack sticks. I tried to triple grind for hot dogs, only way that works is to freeze the meat on sheet trays and cut it into strips with a pizza wheel before it freezes. Give a good smooth texture.
    Freezing the head overnight is a game changer BTW. Highly recommend.

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    By small plate do you mean 1/8 for snack sticks? Going to try your hot dog method after hunting is done. Have not used the 1/8 plate for anything as of yet. I also have the #22…it’s a beast.

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    PapaSop I’ll have to look next time I’m at the clubhouse. Whichever the small one that came with it.

  • Appreciate the feed back. I have a Thunderbird AMG-50 that I just got. Just ordered a full set of new plates and blades today. Got the machine used with just an 1/8” plate, definitely was experiencing a mushier 2nd grind.

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    WildWest I also use the AMG-50…begrudgingly. I don’t know about yours but mine has ‘issues’.

  • Joe Hell, I like mine, it’s a beast going from a #32 Big Bite. But out of curiosity, what issues does yours have?

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    WildWest The first issue I ran into was that the machine wouldn’t operate for more than a few seconds at a time. There are two safety switches that would not engage properly. One of them was relatively easy to adjust. The other would require removing the motor which was something I was not willing to do. The company has a location a few hours from our shop so I requested that they send a technician to take a look at it. They refused and told us to hire a local company and to send them the bill. This is not something I’m used to. In the wine industry if we had an issue with equipment they would send someone on their dime as quickly as possible. This includes sending people from France or Spain in some cases. There is no way this machine was ever tested leaving the factory as is it simply would not run. My fix for the 2nd safety switch was to literally tape a nickel between the switch and the door. It worked but it should not have to come to that.

    There is a large gap from the mixer to auger that meat shoots out of during operation. The auger shaft also doesn’t line up to the ‘chute’ in the mixer contributing to the meat mess, nor does it fully seat up against the main body of the machine. The owners manual claims it will do vegetables which makes the meat issues look like a walk in the park. Talk about a mess. Calling the company about these issues they denied ever having heard of anything like that. I simply don’t believe that. They also were surprised at the notion of processing vegetables. Apparently they have never read the manual. The only way I have found to combat the mess is to cut the meat into stew meat size portions which is labor intensive and defeats the purpose of this size machine. If you put any more than 20-30 lbs in at a time it just [censored] up and barely enters the grinder. The second grind is a nightmare. We are lucky if this thing grinds more than 10 lbs per minute. The company is zero help with anything and the customer service is non-existent. Last night the boss said I had permission to sell this piece of junk and to buy something else.

    I could go on and on and on. Every time we use it there is a new issue. Here is a brief video of what it is like working with onions…meat isn’t nearly as bad.

    386E883B-D44E-45B0-A05E-D41864FF3134.jpeg 1E2C15E9-B092-4F10-93FF-687FA5A57E4D.jpeg C5676F54-DDAB-4C2B-9068-5572E5F36ED4.jpeg

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    Joe Hell you need to win the drawing and sell it to your boss he would be happier and you will have a good xmass!

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    craigrice I’ve considered buying one for the shop just to avoid that thing. We’ve been using the Weston #8 for anything under 20 lbs… It’s FAR more reliable but I’m sure it’s days are numbered based on the amount we’ve put through it so far. It really says a lot about those little grinders if a commercial shop can rely on one!

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    Joe Hell after looking at the picks it would be my guess that #1is missing a reducer maybe plastic for vibration reasons #2 looks like it is missing a funnel piece now with #3 appears to be bent on the right side piece maybe it needs that for clearance or again a simple plastic washer ? but with #2 I would ask your friend with the cnc machine if he could make a piece for it,

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    Joe Hell ask wild west if he can post some pics to compare the two ?

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    craigrice I asked the company about an ‘apron’ or chute and they were dumbfounded. This is what happens immediately after firing it up.


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    Joe Hell sounds like this was an outsourced item that they only sell and have no knowledge of ! clearly there is a piece that belongs in the two added groves on the undercarriage .If you purchase a new grinder I used a Hobart similar to the pro-cut type that waltons sells that style is very user friendly.

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