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  • How well and how often do you clean your smoker?

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    denny66 Ahhh a subject near, and far from dear, to my heart! One of the main reasons I LOVE our PK 100 is that you never clean the inside walls or bottom, just the racks! However, with our big commercial one I have to clean it after every.single.use! Not a fan of that honestly!

    I use Smokehouse Cleaner to make it easy, just spray this on and let it sti for a few minutes, then scrub any really stubborn spots and then rinse and you are good to go.

    As far as how often I’d recommend you clean a home smoker…after any time you do fish for sure. Other than that I would say every 20 or so hours of smoking, though that might be too often for a lot of people. It also depends on how much fat drips down and how good your water pan is at catching that fat.

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    Personally, I’ve never cleaned anything on the inside other than the racks. Do wipe up the bottom from random drips though. Did clean the door window once. Still not sure why MB felt the need to put that there.

    Curious why you have to clean the commercial one that often.

  • Team Blue

    I just clean the rack, and the temp probe, never the interior. when it starts to flake, I take the vacuum to it. I have a Traeger, so I clean the pellet ash out on every smoking session.

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