• Made a batch of german sausage yesterday and smoked it today. It’s more crumbly in the mouth than my last batch that was deer. When I have my elk processed I have them add 20% beef fat, I added another 10% of beef fat as I was out of pork fat. Here is the break down of the mix:
    14.86lbs elk, 1.6lbs beef fat, 5.45lbs pork butt, 0.88oz sure cure, and 8.1oz of spice blend.

    So, my question is, did I not mix the meat enough to get a good protein extraction or does it have something to do with the amount of beef fat in the mix?

    Thanks for the help

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Miller I would not think this would have much to do with your fat % which should be right on. Out of curiosity why do you have them add beef fat instead of pork fat? I don’t think that caused your issue but pork fat is nicer for a sausage?

    My guess would be that you didnt get enough protein extraction and the fat rendered out but I could be wrong.

    Can you give me what casing you used, what your smoke schedule was and any other information you think might be useful?

  • Jonathon I agree pork fat would be better, however the small place I have my elk processed doesn’t have pork to add. I generally have pork fat to add if I need additional. The casings I used were the tubed natural hog 35-38mm. Smoke schedule was 150 for 3 hours, 160 for 2 hours them 170 to an IT of 150. Using a Yoder pellet grill, it was also the first time using the Yoder for smoking, so me figuring it out may be part of it too. I gave some to a friend and he said it was really good, so it could just be me/the link I cut into for a snack.

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