How To Make Homemade Hot Dogs - Recipe

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    vvsarpsjr when I did hot dogs, I did 50% venison/ 50% 73/27 beef. They turned out great. I too noticed they didnt have a strong hot dog taste, but everyone loved them.

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    vvsarpsjr It is unlikely that at 10 minutes you overmixed it. The fact that you had some fat between the casing and the meat means something happened with your bind. The 5 lb batch, what mixer did you use? It is possible that it just wrapped around the axle and didn’t get worked by the paddles? If you used the 20 lb then I doubt it this was your problem.

    Did you use a binder? Did you grind 3 times? Hot dogs are made with either a bowl chopper or an emulsion plate to fully breakdown the protein. If you don’t have a chopper or an emulsion plate for your grinder (not really available for retail) then a 3rd grind with your 1/8" plate is probably your best bet.

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    vvsarpsjr If your going to use pork fat not pork butt i would ratio 4lbs to 1lb. Pork butt ratio 3.5lbs-1.5lbs. If you have a fatty issue i would think there was too much fat in the batter, my thoughts. Could have lost the emulsified state, batter with water / fat separation, but my thought is too much fat to meat .

  • Thanks Jonathon and JoeB, it was [probably both of what you all suggested. For sure something happened with the bind since fat came out and after the final 3rd grind it did seem to look more fatty than I was expected. It was the first time I used pork fat alone with venison. I’ll use pork butt next time. The mixer is small and although it did seem to end up as a sticky paste when completed, I do stop it occasionally and pull the meat off the paddle because it does look like it gets wound around the paddle axel without at lot of mixing action. How critical is meat temperature during the grinding/mixing process to keep the bind? I had read elsewhere that the hot dog meat temperature needs to stay below 40 degrees the whole time for the emulsification to not break. Is that true? Would seem difficult to accomplish in the home setting.

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    vvsarpsjr Crucial, at a certain temp proteins wont extract, we normally don’t get into that as it is well into the danger zone, I think it is around 50° that it stops extracting and you don’t want to be in that range ever with raw meat. Could it have been that warm?

  • Not likely but I’m thinking not impossible either since it takes time to get through the three grinds and mixing. I’ll monitor the meat temp next time too.

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