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    We have an unofficial motto at the shop…Eat less meat. Know where it comes from!

    It may seem odd that a butcher shop would recommend that you eat less of their product but portion size was key to my weight loss and my ongoing ‘maintenance’. I try to use the palm of my hand as reference. One handful of protein and two handfuls green veggies with every meal. That comes out to about 6-8 oz meat and 2-3 cups of veggies. This will vary from person to person of course but I think proportionately speaking those with larger hands probably need a higher caloric intake than the little guys.

    Last night I went with a green salad with cucumber, avocado, pickled jalapeno, Mexican crema, shredded cheese, pepitas and fermented hot chili sauce. I love spicy everything including my salad!

    For my protein I chose a glorious 26 oz. rib steak from Upper Dry Creek Ranch in Weston, Or… This was a grass raised and finished Angus. This is the first time we have carried this particular product in our shop as we have 2 other sources for beef but we do carry their lamb which is quite good.

    I kept the seasoning simple with salt, pepper and a touch of granulated garlic and reverse seared perfectly on the Pit Boss. There was far more than I needed for a meal so I took it back to the shop and shared it with the owners. They both exclaimed that it was one of the best cuts of steak they have ever eaten.

    I have found that the grass fed is a bit more tender than our barley finished option and has a much more pronounced beefy flavor. The grass fed Corriente is much smaller and less fatty than the Angus by a long shot. The fat on the barley finished however is quite delicious.


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    @Joe-Hell That is a seriously nicely colored piece of meat! Took me a LOOOOONG time to realize that that was butcher paper underneath it!

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    @Jonathon The crust on that steak was great!

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    Now I’m going to have to cook up some of my CAB Prime Ribeyes and see if I can show your steak up! Obviously @Jonathon wouldn’t like your steak because you didn’t use the Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub on it! 🙂

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    @Tex_77 And my wife made some baked chicken and we didnt have the seasoning she usually uses so she put some ultimate steak and roast on it and it was still phenomenal!

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    @Tex_77 lol. I keep it super simple when seasoning steak. A good cut of beef doesn’t need much. I’d like to see that CAB!

  • @Jonathon I didn’t realize it was butcher paper until you pointed it out!

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    @Joe-Hell well I finally cooked a couple of the Prime CAB steaks up.
    Seasoned with Stagner Steak Rub and olive oil.
    Sous vided for a little over an hour at 117, then coated in mayo mixed with more 9f the Stagner rub.
    Seared in cast iron for 1:30 a side.

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    @Tex_77 That’s a gorgeous piece of meat and an excellent sear! So hungry after seeing that!

  • @Tex_77 Why do you use mayo? I’ve never heard of that, is it supposed to help hold the seasoning or help give a better “crust” when searing?

  • @AdamCA Mayo is a neutral tasting way to put a thin layer of oil to improve the seer. Works great on meat and fish and you can flavor it w/ seasoning as well. Sorta like people use mustard on pork when they smoke…

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    @AdamCA like @ClaytonD said above.

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