• When using ground deer vs whole muscle, would you increase the seasoning rate for the ground? Also, is a smoked meat stabilizer necessary if the ground deer is left to cure 12-24 hrs?

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    Yes increase the seasoning rate. Youll have to expirement but i would say at least 10%. Smoked meat stabalizer is not necessary for that time. Dont worry about using it. Just use your cure. Do NOT increase your cure for ground venison. Use the same amount for ground or whole muscle

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    JSager Yeah like lamurscrappy said if you are holding it for 12 hours there is no need for the smoked meat stabilizer and I try to not add things that don’t need it. Also on the amount to add that is a matter of taste and different seasonings might be different as well so it just takes some experimentation, for some people additional 10% will make it a little too salty and for some people just using the recommended amount will leave them with a jerky that is a little too bland.

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