How To Make Homemade Sausage & Brats - Recipe

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    How to Make Homemade Sausage and Brats Recipe

    How To Make Homemade Sausage, Bratwursts, Italian Sausage or Breakfast Sausage

    Learn how to make homemade sausage and bratwursts with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    What Is Fresh Sausage?

    Fresh sausage can include sausages like bratwursts, Italian style sausage, chorizo, breakfast sausage, and other related sausages. They can be packaged into collagen casings, natural hog casings, natural sheep casings, or even in bulk by using meat bags.

    Meat Block

    25lb 70/30 pork trim (or 25lb untrimmed pork butt)


    1 package Excalibur Sausage Seasoning
    2 to 3 lb High Temperature Cheese
    30mm Fresh Collagen Casings or 32/35mm Natural Hog Casings
    16oz (1 pint) Ice Cold Water (optional, to help make stuffing and seasoning dispersion easier)

    How to Make Homemade Sausage Grinding Recipe


    Grind the meat twice using a 3/16in grinder plate. You may grind once, mix in your seasoning, and then grind a second time, or you can do all your grinding and then proceed to meat mixing.

    Meat Mixing

    You can choose to either hand mix or use an actual meat mixer. Either method will be completely fine as we are just mixing long enough to get a good dispersion of seasoning, and we don’t want to get a lot of protein extraction (where the meat is sticky) like when making a cured sausage.

    Sausage Stuffing

    Simply load your sausage stuffer, while avoiding creating any air pockets in the canister, and begin to stuff in the casings or meat bags of your choice, until the casings are full with a smooth exterior. Stuff into as long of ropes as you can, and then cut them to length or twist link once done.


    If you are cooking these on a grill cook them over medium heat (around 350-375°F) until the internal temperature is 160°
    If you are cooking in an oven bake at 350° until internal temperature is 160°

    Making Homemade Bratwursts Stuffing

    Wrap up

    Fresh sausage is one of the quickest and easiest meat snacks to begin making at home. All you need is the seasoning, ground meat, and a sausage stuffer to get started. Over time you can add additional equipment, supplies, and products to make things easier, or expand your process by purchasing a meat grinder to grind your own meat.

    Other Notes

    Add 1 pint (16oz) of water per 25lb of meat to help make sausage stuffing easier, and to help make mixing easier and quicker for dispersing seasoning evenly throughout the meat mixture.

    Watch WaltonsTV: How To Make Fresh Sausage

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  • @Austin time for another sausage making class!

  • Admin

    @Minders Unfortunately, at the moment I have no plans to do another in-person class. But, we are working on expanding our available materials on Meatgistics and YouTube! We have a lot planned to add and increase in online videos this year!

  • @Austin Is it ok to grind, mix in the ingredients, let sit in fridge over night, the stuff?

  • Walton's Employee

    @TODDG25 With an uncured product like a Bratwurst or a Sausage that would be okay. You would want to make sure you are careful when mixing to not get protein extraction, so just mix until the seasoning is mixed in. There will be some protein extraction from the salt content acting with the meat but it won’t be enough to cause you issues. If you were trying this with something that had cure in it then that would cause issues as we are looking for high levels of protein extraction and the meat would start to set up if you held it overnight and become very difficult to stuff. Hope that helped!

  • @austin Wow, you guys have a great website. I’ve been learning some tricks about snack sticks from Walton’s now I want to try changing my fresh sausage recipe from natural hog casing to 30 mm collagen casings. The reason for the change is to better control the finish size. Couple questions; will the change help with the “pop” that we all seek in a sausage DAWG, and will the collagen cased sausage freeze well. I usually make 50 lbs of venison dogs in the fall and enjoy them throughout the next year. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Admin

    Collagen and natural have very different and distinct “pops” to them. Natural has more of a snap and bite to it usually, while fresh collagen has a bit more tenderness to it. If you are wanting more pop/snap/bite to the casing, you can try using the 32mm Clear Collagen Casings or 32mm Smoke Collagen Casings. These will be a quite a bit more pop/snap/bite than the 30mm Fresh Collagen. The 32 Clear/Smoke are what we call a Fine-H variant, and specifically designed to be a replacement for hog casings. I usually use the fresh casings and prefer the more tender bite, but if you want more pop to the bite, go with the clear or smoke casings.

    Freezing shouldn’t be an issue. The casings should all behave similarly there. Avoid condensation in the package before sealing and freezing, and it will be fine (that same rule applies to any casings, not just collagen).

  • @austin Am I going Crazy? A few days ago I read somewhere on your site about Fresh vs. Fine-T vs. Fine-H. Now I want to review that again and can not find it.

  • Admin

    Under the Walton’s Learning Center > Meat Hacks > Sausage Stuffing… there is a topic called Collagen Casings 101
    That also correlates to a video covering the same information:

    Then, on the product pages for collagen casings on, each casing will specifically say which type it is, and have a shortened bit of info from the collagen casings help page I linked above.

    Let me know if you need anything else!

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  • @tarp First, I think you are wise to go with the 1/2 to 10 lb ratio if you haven’t tried that cheese yet it is extremely hot! Very good tasting but it is nothing at all like our Hot Pepper cheese which tastes more like pepper jack, this stuff deserves its name in my opinion.

    As for the flavor, I think they will match up fairly well. That might change if you use encapsulated citric acid, I can see the tang from the acid maybe not going so well with the Ghost Pepper Cheese. However, I also like adding Citric Acid when I make Habanero Lime snack stick so tang and heat aren’t necessarily a bad match, just something to think about!

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    In this segment we pose the question and the answer to Will it BBQ? So much more than just hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats can be BBQ'd, Grilled, or Smoked. And, this is where we try out unique ideas for cooking on a grill or smoker. This week we are BBQ'ing Smores and letting you know if it will BBQ or not!

    Prep Time

    5 Minutes

    Cook Time

    10 Minutes


    Graham Cracckers

    Utensils Needed

    Foil Pan

    Instructions So much more than just hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats can be BBQ'd, Grilled, or Smoked. And, this is where we try out unique ideas for cooking on a grill or smoker. This week we are going to try BBQing Smores!

    Obviously, Smores will BBQ, doing them on a grill is basically the same process as over a fire but doing it on the BBQ might have a few advantages. With normal smores, you are relying on the heat from the marshmallow to melt the chocolate and you can only do a few at a time.

    Some people might say doing it this way takes all the fun out of it, the messy gooey fingers are part of it and if you have kids I’m sure that’s true but if you are making larger quantities for a dessert then this is the way to go. We lined the bottom of a foil pan with graham crackers then we laid a few pieces of chocolate on top of those and put the marshmallow ontop of that. We left the top layer of graham crackers off until just before it was done so we could easily monitor their progress.

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    Shop Walton’s for Broil King S 590 Weston Pro Series #32 Meat Grinder XXXXXXXXX Hi-Temp Ghost Pepper Cheese Hi-Temp Cheese

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  • @mesbilawson That’s awesome, hope your next batch is as good as the first!

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    @jonathon Thank you so much. We are very excited to make more snack sticks. We ordered more supplies today!

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