• Do any of you all do a first grind through the 3 hole kidney stuffer plate? Also do any of you grind ice through the grinder between batches to cool of the neck and purge the grinder so to speak? Let me hear what your experience has been both negative and positive. Thanks

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Don’t have a kidney plate but usually do first grind through a 7mm plate. The #22 butcher series I have will handle larger chunks. Then 4mm once or twice depending on what I’m wanting. I do run a few ice cubes through just to clear the head. Putting the full head in the freezer ahead of grinding does not require further cooling. Meat is closer to the freezing point as well.

  • Team Blue Big Green Egg Traeger Regular Contributors

    Abu65 if I am on a longer grind I simply put my grinder components in the freezer in between grinds. I always place them in the freezer prior to grinding and with the cooler meat temperatures it usually lasts the entire grind process.

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    Unless your grinding frozen chunks or large pieces of meat their really is no reason to do that. Its not going to really hurt anything if you do though. But for a small grind with a smaller grinder just cut the pieces smaller so they feed through better.

  • lamurscrappy We are doing 2 whole hogs for sausage. Minus some of the loins. I just wasn’t sure if it would hurt the grinder. I thought it would be bigger chunks and easier to feed back through on the second grind through the 3/16 plate.

  • I run my soft frozen meat/ fat through a 5 hole plate. I don’t know the size but they are equal to size of a hazelnut. Then I run it through a smaller plate (size depending on the final grind size i’m looking for). For me this eliminates any smearing and doesn’t over work the meat. The soft frozen meat keeps the grinding head very cold so no need for ice. Since doing this my grind has been perfect!

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    Abu65 i dont know what kinda grinder you got but like i say if its a smaller one and you got bigger chunks then i see no issue running it through the kidney plate. It will certainly help the meat to run smoother through the 3/16th. Are you going to run it twice through the 3/16th? I personally would recommend that.

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