Rookie Move & Texture- Bavarian Brat. & Pepperoni Stick

  • Not sure if I am not adding enough pork fat or? I made 1/2 Goose, 1/4 Pork Fat & 1/4 Pork Loin. I used Pepperoni seasoning and E citric acid. The flavor is great but dry, crumbling, cakey.

    The same with the Bavarian, only with 1/2 lean pork, 1/4 lean beef , 1/4 Pork Fat and Bavarian Seasonings and powdered buttermilk. Thet bavarian recipe I have is not smoked just put in almost boiling water to pre-cook.

    Here is the rookie move, I ran out of natural casings and used collogen casings on the last few pounds of the Bavarian. (You all know what probably happend) I heard a pop in the hot water bath opened the lid to find a casing had blown off. So I looked at the other sausages and seen a few air pockets so I stuck one with a steak knife and it blew hot water from my chin to chest. 2nd degree burns. Lesson learned.

    Thank You in advance for your response’s. Smart elic responce’s assumed LOL

  • Team Orange

    We all do stupid things without thinking sometimes. Thanks for sharing so others can learn from your mistake.

  • Regular Contributors Team Grey Sous Vide Canning Dry Cured Sausage Masterbuilt Power User Meat Hack Winner

    Wow, tuff way to learn,

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