• A beginner here who needs some help… I want to make some Summer Sausage using the Jalapeno Seasoning mix. I don’t want to do 25lbs but start with say 10lbs. so, I opened the conversion chart up and saw for 5lb conversion it listed three(3) separate amounts; 1/2 cup … 4tbsp … 1tsp . Here’s that dumb question no one wants to ask; A 1/2 cup of ? … 4tbsps of ? … 1tsp of ? I am thinking these ‘amounts’ must have something to do with (1) the Jalapeno seasoning, (2) the Sure Cure, and (3) the Encapsulated Citric Acid?

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    Retired157 Those measurements of 1/2 cup, 4 tbspn, and 1 tsp is for the summer sausage seasoning, everything on that page is just the seasoning. The cure would be on the Cure Conversion and that would be 2.5 tspn for a 10 lb batch of meat. Any additives would be on the Additive Conversion Chart. Hope this helped!

    So, to be more clear, to do 5 lb of the Jalapeno Summer Sausage you add 1/2 cup, plus 4 tbspn and 1 tsp of the seasoning.

  • OH… I think the light just went on! If I take 1/2 cup of seasoning, PLUS 4tbsps of seasoning PLUS 1tsp of seasoning, it would add up to a total of 4.8oz of seasoning per 5lbs of meat… Thank You!

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