What Size Stuffing Tube To Use? (Sausage Casing Size Chart)

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    Sausage Casings Size Guide

    What Size Stuffing Tube To Use? (Sausage Casing Size Chart)

    What size of stuffing tube do you need for Read the highlights here, and then post your comments or questions below.

    Why Use the Best Fitting Stuffing Tube?

    If you choose and use the best fitting and largest stuffing tube that can fit the appropriate casing, it will make sausage stuffing much easier. For example, a 19mm Collagen Casing can be stuffed by using both a 10mm stuffing tube or a 12mm stuffing tube, but, if you use the larger 12mm stuffing tube, the slight difference in the opening of the stuffing tube will make it easier to force sausage out of the sausage stuffer into that small stuffing tube and thus your casing.

    What Size of Stuffing Tube For Collagen Sausage Casings?

    Because collagen sizes may slightly vary by manufacturer, these are only applicable for Walton’s Collagen Casings and Walton’s Stuffing Tubes. These are the largest stuffing tubes that fit each casing size:
    15mm Collagen – 10mm Stuffing Tube
    16mm Collagen – 10mm Stuffing Tube
    17mm Collagen – 10mm Stuffing Tube
    18mm Collagen – 10mm Stuffing Tube
    19mm Collagen – 12mm Stuffing Tube
    21mm Collagen – 13mm Stuffing Tube
    23mm Collagen – 13mm Stuffing Tube
    26mm Collagen – 16mm Stuffing Tube
    30mm Collagen – 19mm Stuffing Tube
    32mm Collagen – 22mm Stuffing Tube

    What Size of Stuffing Horn For Natural Sausage Casings?

    Natural casings are more flexible and stretchy prior to stuffing than collagen, so you have a bit more leeway on choosing the correct stuffing tube or tapered stuffing horn. This is Walton’s recommendation for sizes:
    Natural Sheep Casings – 1/2" Stuffing Horn (12mm)
    Natural Hog Casings – 3/4" Stuffing Horn (19mm)

    What Kind Of Casing And Size Should I Choose For Different Sausages?

    Most casings can be used in a variety of sausages. Here is a chart that contains some of Walton’s recommendations.

    Sausage Casings Size Chart

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    19mm Stix Smoke Collagen Sausage Casings

    19mm Stix Smoke Collagen Sausage Casings

    Tubed Natural Hog Sausage Casings

    Tubed Natural Hog Sausage Casings

  • Hi guys, thanks for the great info. I have a question…I recently tried to stuff some 17mm Collagen casings with a 10mm tube. I have your 11lb stuffer and it was VERY hard to get the meat to come through the tube. So much so that I actually bent the tabs that hold the cannister a little bit. Is there another style of stuffer (ie. direct drive) that would be better suited for doing alot of snack sticks/small diameter items?

  • Walton's Employee

    @65valiantwin Using the smaller casing with a hand crank stuffer is always going to be difficult, I never do anything smaller than a 19mm (and honestly a 21mm most often) for this very reason. You can do a few things to help make it easier if you are wanting to stay with the smaller casings. First, use 2 quarts of water per 25 lb batch, this will make your mixture almost soupy but it will stuff a lot easier and the extra water will cook out during your cook cycle. The second thing you can do is make sure you are at at least 20% fat ratio as a leaner product is harder to stuff.

    Let us know if you need anything else!

  • @jonathon Thanks for the help! I’ll try this and let you know how it works out.

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