• This is mainly a test to see if I can post. I have been making my own andouille for quite a number of years using a recipe from Chef John Folse. Its very heavy with pepper, salt, thyme and fresh garlic. Its not something you want to eat on its own but works very well seasoning gumbos. Anyway I decided to give Walton’s Andouille seasoning a try. It turned out well but quite different than mine but much better than the commercial andouille that is starting to show up in midwestern grocery stores. For years andouille was non existent around here. I will definitely give this andouille a try in my next batch of gumbo.
    <img src=’3-X30-RK3m-SR-KR5-KLXVM9-GA.jpg border=‘0’ alt=‘3-X30-RK3m-SR-KR5-KLXVM9-GA’/>
    This isn’t the andouille but at least I got a pic to post.

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    Zombini Glad you tried it and that it came out well! Your pic didn’t post, I am assuming becuase it was too large of a file. If you want to email it to me @ [email protected] I will get it edited into your post!

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