Meatgistics - A Year In Review!

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    Hey everyone, I thought I would put together a little post that would sort of encapsulate (citric acid) 2019 for Meatgistics users! It is going to be a collection of some of my favorite posts, I went through and tried to rank them on how many views, comments and votes they got but that quickly got too confusing! So, I looked at those and took them into consideration but they are by no means all I took into account!

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to meatgistics this year! Your questions, responses and ultimately your purchasing of Walton’s Inc products is what lets us keep doing what we are doing! So, the countdown begins.

    There are going to be more than a few people who made posts worthy of being on this list that I am leaving out (off the top of my head I can think of @AdamCA @craigrice @raider2119 @macsinsac @lamurscrappy @blackbetty61 and @Darkfish89, though I am sure I am forgetting more than a few), and I don’t want anyone to feel offended, I am sure I missed things (I am trying to do this in between getting caught up from yesterdays livestream) so, if I missed one that you think should be on here let me know and link the post you think should be on here!

    # 11 - Working On Opening Day

    I didnt say I was going to start at 10! @hotkarl s post about smoking on the job (smoking sausage) let us all see his awesome set up and even gave a new idea or two on how to finish up your product in water.

    #10 - Grilled Frozen Pizza

    @PapaSop Posted about Frozen Pizza at 4:10 and by 4:19 @austin had responded, lesson is, if you want a fast response from Austin mention frozen pizza, specifically Totinos brand!

    #9 - Akushi Ribeyes

    Though it took a few tries, we were finally able to see @Dave-R gorgeuos ribeyes! Joe Hell and a few others chimed in with there amazing pictures of meat as well!

    #8 - Bow Harvest

    @twilliams got the bow season off to a great start and made everyone start thinking of what they were going to do with their deer this season!

    #7 - Map of Members

    @Parksider asked Austin for a map of all meatgistics members, I thought it would one of those things that we tried to figure out for months, but at the end of the day @austin had it figured out and live! For anyone who hasn’t done it yet, go to your profile and re-save your information and that will get you on the map!

    #6 - Snack Sticks

    @JohninPa Wanted everyones opinions and ideas on what he was planning on doing that weekend and wow did he get them! We had a lot of people chime in with ideas and suggestions for him. This post is LOADED with good information for people.

    #5 - Soft Beef Jerky Without Sugar

    This post was what was behind trying Glycerine instead of extra sugar to make tender beef jerky. And though we haven’t heard much from @smcneese recently, this was a good idea!

    #4 - Sous Vide Vs Reverse Sear

    @Joe-Hell s thorough breakdown of reverse sear vs sous vide covers almost every detail you can think of between the two ways of doing it!

    #3 - Summer Sausage Nightmare

    Yes, yes, I know, technically this wasn’t this year but this is the post that introduced us to @Parksider s idea of finishing up your product in water. I’d say more than any other single idea or technique, this changed the way more people do their sausage than anything else!

    #2 - What Did Everyone Cook Today

    With 228 Posts and almost 3,000 views @Tex_77 post continues to be a “must read first thing Monday morning” for myself, and many many others! It is a great place to showcase what you grilled, smoked, bbq’d or cooked this weekend and to see what creations other people have come up with!

    #1 - Big Goals Deserve Big Rewards

    A part of the amazing story that is @Joe-Hell s weight loss journey, for anyone who hasn’t checked it, and his blog, Better Living Through BBQ With Joe Hell you need to do that right away! Not only will you see some amazing pics of insane meals but you can follow along with his life-changing weight loss journey!

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    @Joe-Hell what am I going to have to post next year to beat you for the top spot!?!

  • Regular Contributors

    So what do the Top 10 post wins?

  • Regular Contributors

    @Tex_77 lol

  • Admin

    @Tex_77 I think we’ll work out a coupon for something for those with the top posts. @Jonathon and I will discuss and post something about it, and we’ll send an email or a chat message on Meatgistics to those users!

    Thank you all for all your amazing contributions through 2019! The Meatgistics community is really growing into a special group that we are deeply committed to. You guys are awesome and helped us have such an amazing year!

  • Regular Contributors

    @Austin Don’t forget you owe us a grinder giveaway, since you didn’t get to it yesterday! Thanks for all the great content you guys post. I hope everyone at Walton’s has a great New Year’s!

  • Walton's Employee

    @Tex_77 We will get a coupon code going, but, we will do it for everyone I think! It will be 15% off the entire order, for non-sale items and capped at $100. Coupon code will be jon2020 might be a precursor to a presidential campaign?

  • Admin

    @Tex_77 We will still get that giveaway going. Sorry we didn’t finalize it yesterday. If @Jonathon and I can get our podcast stuff ready, we might do it there. We will for sure do a special giveaway though on another grinder! You guys have earned it this year for everything you have done to help Meatgistics grow more and more!!!

  • Thanks for mentioning me. Ill just take a 50% off coupon for a 500t smokehouse 🎅

  • Thanks for the mention @Jonathon can’t wait to see the posts in 2020… have a Happy New Year everyone @ meatgistics

  • Power User

    @Jonathon Wow! Thanks Jonathon! It’s been a great year. You guys helped give me the second wind I needed to reach my goals and to forge a new career path. I am most grateful for the work you guys put into this forum and the valuable knowledge provided by you and fellow members!

  • Power User

    @Austin Really great year this year on Meatgistics, I know I’ve personally learned some really cool tip and tricks and I’m happy I get to contribute and you and Jonathon DO listen and put in the effort to make the site and Meatgistics better everyday, so Thank You both!! This is the only meat/smoking forum I personally post to, I find that people here are really into helping each other, I think that’s the best part. I met a new friend through Meatgistics @AllanMoyer is also from Rochester and he come over to make sausage with us, great guy and I would have never met him otherwise…So again thanks for the forum, love the format, and appreciate your follow up and attention to making it a great place to share. Happy New Year!

  • Power User

    Thanks for the mention. Amazing site, incredible community and vast amounts of knowledge. I learn something new everyday. Looking forward to a great 2020.

  • @Parksider meeting you on here has been a pleasure from day one! Through you and Meatgistics I have made several friends and a lot of sausage lol! You all are great guys and I truly enjoy the company and learning experience! Thank you!
    Allan Moyer

  • @Jonathon feeling very humble for your mention. Happy New Year to all.

  • @Jonathon Thanks for the mention. Walton’s and the Meatgistics community have been awesome and a great help! IMO this forum is a key element in separating Walton’s from the competition.

    I also want to throw a shout out to the rest of the regular contributors. As a relatively new member, the information, time and experience you all provide is outstanding. Thank you! Happy 2020!

  • @nancy321brown cash me outside how bout that

  • Walton's Employee

    @lamurscrappy LOL, for anyone wondering what Lamur was talking about, we have been getting spammed a lot recently. We are doing our best to delete them and report the users but it’s just something that happens when you grow to a certain point…so I guess it is a good thing?! A user, who has now been deleted commented on Grabbing Cash App, so the Cash Me Outside was funny!

  • @Jonathon haha. I figured you would delete my post too after deleting the spammer 🙂

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