Venison meat sticks

  • Made my first batch of venison beef sticks on saturday and to my surprise they turned out great. The only problem was I forgot to put the cheese in with the mix. The Willie’s seasoning was perfect for my 25# batch and will be using this seasoning again. Thanks for putting out such a great product.

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    navarte lol, i just forgot to put chedder in mine today. Atleast got cheese in on the last part of the batch.

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    twilliams that makes me the winner I did put cheddar cheese in my summer sausage today !

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    navarte Out of curiosity why was it a surprise? Have you had venison sticks in the past and didn’t care for them? If venison didn’t make a good stick so many people wouldn’t make them! Willies is a great choice with venison by the way, though I am a bit of Willies fanboy!

  • navarte Willie’s is a great mix. All can eat it at my house. We add 10% bacon ends with ours and they never last long!

  • Jonathon Johnathon the surprise was that it took me a long time to get my meat stuffed in the 19mm casing. To my surprise I had the wrong stuffing horn and had t pull my casing apart and soak it to get it on on my tube. I will be placing an order with you very soon to get the right stuffing horn.

  • navarte

    Made my first this weekend. Bought Walton’s ingredients. I followed the recipe, except I did not use Encapsulated Citric Acid (instead held overnight for about 16 hours) and no cheese. My meat block was 19 lb fairly lean venison, 3 lb of shoulder and 3 lb of back fat. I estimated that to be about 70/30 lean to fat, which is maybe slightly more lean than the recipe.

    Instead of using a mixer, we chose to grind ours twice and do a little hand mixing before stuffing.

    The stuffing absolutely was the hardest part. We have old cast iron hand crank (Enterprise) lard press/stuffer and the only tube I could find was a 12mm to fit the 1.5" diameter opening. It was some hard cranking. I am thinking very hard about a motor driven stuffer in the future!

    We smoked ours on a Green Mountain Danielle Boone pellet grill. We held it at the lowest 150F setting for about 2 hours, then went to 160F and 175F. If you use a grill, recommend you either take your time and go longer at lower temp or do not use the lower grate. We had some sticks getting crispy down there! Also, 25 lb is about all that grill can fit, and it probably was too much.

    They were so good when done!! Great bite and flavor. Casing nice and firm and bonded to meat. Got many compliments. I am really happy with Walton’s product and recipe.

  • srg158

    Pictures…IMG_2266.JPG 60106704180__B9DA5097-6ED0-4D0A-A2E6-F50261ABBF5E.JPG

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    srg158 At least there are some benefits to living in the frozen tundra huh? What seasoning did you use and perhaps most importantly…what is in the bottle!?

  • Jonathon We made Willie’s and the bottle is what was left of orange creamcicle cello I made! It was nice snowy weekend in PA, perfect for hanging out and processing meat and having a few beverages!

    I really love the Willie’s. Classic meat sticks flavor. I cannot get enough. I take these over ring bologna for sure!

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    srg158 Cello, is that like a version of lemoncello? I had an uncle who used to import some of that directly from Italy so there was always lots of it around when I was growing up. I agree on the willies, it makes a phenomenal all-around snack stick!

  • Jonathon Yeah. I make both. Same as lemon but orange and I put a vanilla bean while it is soaking to give it a cream flavor. It is pretty easy to make.

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