Benefits of Using Deer & Wild Game Rinse

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    Benefits Of Using Deer & Wild Game Rinse

    Benefits Of Using Deer & Wild Game Rinse

    Learn why using Deer & Wild Game rinse can improve your meat processing with Walton's and Meatgistics. Read the highlights here, and then post your comments or questions below.

    Excalibur Deer & Wild Game Rinse Carcass Spray Additive

    What Is Deer & Wild Game Rinse?

    This special blend of additives from Excalibur Seasoning is designed to protect and assist in limiting bacteria growth on your wild game before you can get your meat processed either at home or by your local butcher. It is used as a carcass spray, mixed at a ratio of 8 oz per 1 gallon of water. Simply mix and dissolve the additive in water and spray on the carcass both inside and outside, especially concentrating on the wound area.

    How Does Deer & Wild Game Rinse Work?

    It works by lowering the pH of the meat, stopping bacteria reproduction, and inhibiting mold growth. It also prevents browning caused by oxidation. Since this product is a very low cost item and it helps produce a much safer and higher quality meat product, every hunter ought to have this in their hunting gear for all their wild game processing.

    What Is In Deer & Wild Game Rinse?

    Ingredients: Salt, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Maltodextrin, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bisulfite. Contains Sulfites

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