• Sorry, members this might be slightly off topic but some might be interested. Although most seem to have quit there are still a couple of my friends who farm kill hogs. The farmer down the road about 3-4 miles takes orders for the number of pigs you want and he sets everything up. Then the call comes that the pigs are coming on a particular day. Crews are divided into the killing, scalding, scraping, gutting, and cutting into sections crew. All meat is laid out on tables, wagons etc. During the following days the pig owners cut, grind sausage, cure hams & Jowl. After that some come and pick up the unused heads for head cheese and the lard is rendered down. I shouldn’t have to even mention piles of cracklings. 4EB17F55-C0CF-4FA5-95DF-353CB414FFDD.jpeg F03ADB32-1BAB-4885-9EF7-21EAAF898029.jpeg

  • Team Blue

    denny66 This couldn’t be any more ON topic! Meats!

  • Team Blue Power User Traeger Primo Grills PK Grills Canning Sous Vide Community Moderator

    At my local Wal-Mart they actually had a whole bin of frozen big heads, which I had never seen here before. The wife told me not to bring one home…

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    denny66 Oh yeah, this isn’t off topic one bit! Head cheese is an acquired taste but I enjoy it. We had someone talking about using pig collagen to form gelatin on here a few months ago…still on the board of things to do, will have to be when it slows down more though!

  • Jonathon
    My family always called it souse but the ones that take the pig heads in this group call it head cheese. When I’ve seen it already made it looked to be the same so I’m assuming it is.

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