Citric Acid and Sodium Erythorbate in seasoning

  • I have some Jalapeno Summer Sausage and Tons Summer seasoning to make some summer sausage. I was planning to use ECA so I could stuff and smoke. However, I looked at the ingredients on the seasonings and the Jalapeno has Citric Acid listed and Tons Summer has Sodium Erythorbate. Do I still need ECA with these to stuff and smoke immediately? Does having those ingredients in the seasoning mix still allow me to hold in the fridge overnight if I don’t use ECA?

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    williams341 you can use sodium erthorbate and smoke right away you dont need ECA. Erthorbate is an awesome ingredient. If you dont smoke right away you can still hold the meat overnight and be fine. You cant do that with ECA.

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    williams341 No, the small amount in those seasonings is not going to effect your process, just proceed as normal so if you want to go right to smoker us ECA. I agree with lamurscrappy that Sodium Erythorbate is excellent stuff but you need a scale that can measure out fractions of grams acuuretly because 7/8 of an oz is enough to do 100 lb of meat!

  • Jonathon Thanks guys. That’s kinda what I figured. I made it this weekend and didn’t use The ECA. I let it sit overnight and smoked the next day. It turned out great thanks to the info I’ve read here and the information on the website.

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    williams341 We take payment in the form of pics! No just kidding but it IS fun to see the pics of what everyone created and I do try to use them on our social media accounts.

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    So what i get from this post is…
    A premixed seasoning that has sodium erythorbate in the ingredients list is ok to hold overnight? Also i can add a cure accelerator (in the proper amount) like eca or sodium erythorbate and smoke the smoke the same day?
    I want to try adding eca but most kits already have an accelerator like sodium erythorbate listed and direct you to smoke the same day. I don’t want to over accelerate.


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