Waltons Customer Service Awesome

  • Got my snack stick supplies ordered Friday and received shipment Monday in the mail. Unheard of to Alaska!!
    Thanks for support

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    @akdave @Austin i agree, i have ordered from where i purchased my smoker from to give local business and not only does the website suck but so does the customer service and otdering process. I ordered items from both Waltons and this other place on a sunday one right after the other. I got the stuff from waltons 3 days later, the other place was 9 days later. All items were in stock and the other place is only 1 1/2 hours from where i live. Waltons is 3 states away. It goes to show how well Waltons is. I wont go anywhere else. The only complaint i have is i wish excalibur would offer a 12.5lb batch and 25lb batch option on there seasonings. Also on their shaker seasonings they always clump solid before i can use it all, not sure if they dont put an anticaking agent in or not?

  • @twilliams I just take a #25 batch of seasoning and half it then vacuum pack them and label that way it’s ready when I make it…I usually do 12.5 lb batches too #25 of one sausage is a lot for me plus I like to try different flavors or if some of my buddies want to try a flavor we’ll split a bag of seasoning…I noticed that too with my Bloody Mary shaker guess I’ll have to drink more bloody Mary’s 😋

  • @twilliams
    the problem with 12.5lb batches is you would pay as much for it as you do for the 25 lb batch and I have been just doing what Blackbetty does and thoroughly shake up the 25lb package and divide it in 1/2 and save the rest for later. I hopefully will get my 2nd convection fan installed in my smoker today and get on to making snack sticks later this week. I am still wondering if in need to go to a hot water bath to Finnish off Snack Sticks since they are so small diameter and a long large wide mass in the smoker ??

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    @akdave @blackbetty61 i agree with splitting seasoning as it is real easy to weigh out. On the other hand trying to split weigh 1 oz of sure cure to .5 oz i find troublesome and unsure of accurate measures

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    @twilliams Go with a gram scale for every thing! 28 grams per oz. divided by 25

    1.12 grams sure cure per pound of meat.

  • when it comes to weighing out spices and cures etc, I have a set of scale weights that I check my scale with occasionally to make sure it is accurate and calibrated, just because it is new and digital does not mean it is accurate and with the minute amount of cure we use for a 25lb batch of sausage I feel that it is important.

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    @akdave is right. For us to sell a 12.5 lb batch size, it wouldn’t be half the price. It would be only marginally less expensive. Doubling our SKUs and warehouse space would take its toll, and the packaging costs on the seasoning would increase, both of which would get close to offsetting the difference in the amount of seasoning. It would end up less than a normal 25 lb batch size, but not as much as you think.

    I think halving the seasoning and vac packaging it is the most economical choice.

    Someday we might add a few seasonings in smaller batch sizes, but I don’t see us adding everything. It would be just a couple top sellers in each category.

    Just out of curiosity though, if we did smaller batch sizes, would people prefer 12.5, or would it be best to do an even 10 lb batch size?

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    @twilliams On the shakers, some seasonings are worse than others. Anything with a higher sugar content has a strong likelihood of caking. Some seasonings do have an anti-caking agent added, and some don’t. A couple of things to try and keep the seasonings at a regulated temp and in a dark place, try to keep it in a place with low humidity, or you can even try keeping the shakers that cake more quickly or worse than others in the freezer.

    Do you know which shakers give you the most problems?

  • @Joe-Hell Is there a particular name brand scale you would reccomend?

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    @Austin right off hand the prime rib rub and butter garlic

  • @Austin
    For me 12.5 is the best as my normal recipes are all 25 lb.

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    @Austin 12.5 lbs would be better for me, my stuffer holds 20lbs and i always get a terrible 1.5 to 2 pounds left that i cant get out at the bottom of my stuffer.

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    @Meateater1 Not off the top of my head. Digital scales are inexpensive these days and fairly accurate when it comes to measuring seasonings. If you are getting into more precise measurements such as 1/10th of a gram just make sure the scale is capable of that. Reloading scales would also be capable of this.

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    @twilliams Prime Rib Rub is the worst one… That is one that I would recommend trying out in the freezer.
    I’ve never had that issue with Butter Garlic (although I use that more than anything else so it never lasts long).
    @Jonathon have you heard about the butter garlic getting hard before? I’ll have to ask around here as well and see.

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    Just used the Prime Rib Rub last month. It states right on the label to store in the freezer.

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    As far doing the hot water bath I’d highly recommend it. Just did some. Smoked for 2 1/2 hours an finished in the bath. Came out perfect.

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    @PapaSop hmmmm, interesting

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