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    Addiction is real!! Just put in a $400 order of seasonings and such. I now compare this to BassProshops or Cabelas. There is no way you are walking out without spending less than $100. I call them the $100 store…lol. Looking forward to making the ghost and hot pepper sticks with Willies. And several other flavors, pizza being one of them

  • I know what you mean, I keep looking at those PK100 smokers and trying to resist the urge…

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    @Brianh let your urge take over, you wont be disappointed

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    My wife knows if I walk into any cooking,BBQ, or liquor store, that I’m going to be dropping some cash.

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    @Brianh I’m biassed, no way around it but I honestly think that the PK100 is worth the investment. There just isn’t another vertical smoker in that range that has that insulation and quality build. I can almost guarantee that one day your kids, or some other family member will have it, they are built to last. And, sorry for anyone who is reading this for the 100th time, I think it puts AT LEAST as good of a smoke color and flavor into meat as its big Brothers the 500 and 500T do. Takes longer to cook than on a 500T obviously but I’ve pulled hams and bacon from both and I prefer it in the PK…again, I am biassed!

    @twilliams There are worse things to be addicted to, glad we got your business!

    @Tex_77 and anyone else, what is your drink of choice? We probably need to make a thread on this subject actually? A cool thing we could do would be to try to have a few of everyones favorite during either the livestream or the podcast, that way we could discuss that as well? Sounds like a good way to make Walton’s pick up the tab on me trying a bunch of new beers/liquor! Myself, I love a good Tequila, Don Julio Anejo was my favorite until it jumped about $20 bottle when it got really popular. Now I like Don Eduardo

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    @Jonathon You should have some Two Fingers tequila.

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    @Jonathon drink of choice is ole smoky Tennessee moonshine , whiskey made in Maine and Busch beer

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    @craigrice There’s now a separate thread for this Drink of Choice. Now are you talking Busch or Busch Latte?

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    @Tex_77 Busch beer I have had many go to’s over my life time and it I can drink without ill effects the next day

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    Buuuusssshhhhh. Whatever that guy is who does those videos cracks me up

  • @Jonathon Pretty certain I will have a PK100 in my garage here shortly. Decided to get a dedicated processing area set-up first. I have been processing my own deer and making the same Willie’s Snack Stick summer sausage for decades. This year, I got the urge to try some sticks, which lead me here. Walton’s and this forum have opened up a whole new world for me that I am really enjoying. Rather than lugging all my equipment from the garage to the kitchen (my wife is extremely understanding!), I am going to set-up a processing are in the garage. Decided there was no need adding another piece of equipment to organize until I’m done. Thanks to everyone here, great and helpful group.

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