Low nitrate/nitrite alternatives

  • I have a person asking me to make them low or no nitrate/nitrite jerky and snack sticks is there a good alternative to sure cure for this?

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    Riley Renwick There is some information on cure free jerky out there, we don’t recommend it and if you do do it the meat should be treated as fresh meat in my mind, so that sort of makes it not jerky. Celery Juice Powder is recognized by the USDA as having curative properties but they don’t actually see it as a cure. Most of the time when you see “No Nitrates Added” Bacon or whatever, this is what they are using, when you look at the price you will see why that type of bacon is so much more expensive!

    The thing is, those are still nitrites, same compound, just different sources. If someone eats celery, kale and a few other veggies all day they are consuming WAY more nitrites than the normal bacon-eating American!

    If you are a business and are doing this for someone I urge you to get in touch with our customer service department at 800-835-2832 and if they can verify that you are a commercial processor they can get you in touch with your salesmen who will be a good resource for you, not just in this but in all processing questions.

  • Jonathon Thank you for the info I am not a official business I process out of my house but am looking into getting state licensed. Thank you I love the seasonings and products you have.

  • Team Orange

    Riley Renwick I agree with everything Jonathon has said.

    My brother also can not have any sort of nitrates as it triggers his epilepsy and his seizures, for years we thought it was the craziest thing but after having numerous testing they ruled foods that are “trigger” foods for him that he can not have. TONS of foods have nitrates that people don’t realize and they try to be healthy and say they don’t want nitrates, but like Jonathon said it’s in healthy foods too lol.

    So what I do for him is just make a no cure jerky so he can enjoy some sort of jerky, basic ingredients and just smoke for a small amount of time then in the dehydrator. Self life is terrible though so I make small batches for him so it doesn’t spoil

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