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    I followed the ramp up temps to IT of 160, gave them an ice bath for around 5-10 min, let them sit out for a couple of hrs then I put them in the fridge overnight and the next morning the casing were soaked so I dried them off and sealed them and put them in the freezer. Today I took a pack out and when they thawed they were soaked again. This has happened the on the last 4-5 batches I’ve done , any ideas why so wet ?IMG_0395.JPG

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    blackjac how much water are you adding to your batch size, and how big of batch? Also i prefer to have them in ice batch for a minimum of 20 minutes, usually 30 minutes then let sit for dry off for an hour

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    blackjac How much water you are adding is a possibility for sure but do they seem wet before you put them in the fridge? My guess is that your fridge is either adding too much humidity back to the sticks or you are stacking them in the fridge. Now, there really isn’t a way for most people to be able to manage this but laying them out in single rows (not ontop of each other) the fridge overnight that won’t be opened at all. When you open a fridge it is going to try to add more humidity to the compartment and that’s not what we want. This is why we often say cooler because we generally roll our entire cart into the walk in cooler that has a fan and is low on humidity. We realize this isn’t possible for 99% of people though so fridge is the best option.

    So, could be how much water you are adding, could be what additives you are/aren’t using (carrot fiber would be a cheap way to hopefully fix the issue, if it is not because of your fridge’s humidity) and it could be your fridge is just putting out too much humidity.

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    I think it must be the fridge but really no way around it, they’re not wet before I put them in the fridge , I do use a carrot binder

  • blackjac Had the same issues with wet sticks as you are having. Started to discontinue the water bath and it solved the wet stick issue. With cold weather I put sticks in a plastic tub outside for 15 minutes and that dropped stick temp fast. Sure works for me in South Dakota winters.

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    lefty There hs got to be some benefit to the winters you guys suffer up there! Seriously though, we were in clark a few weeks ago and it is beautiful up there, even if it is a bit stark!

  • Jonathon, Clark is a great place for hunting and fishing. Hope you got on the ice. I live pretty close to Clark, if you want to get into spectacular spring walleye fishing let me know.

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    lefty No, we were pheasant hunting and nothing had frozen over yet. I did hear that a small lake on the property had some hug walleyes so I am hoping to get back up that way!

  • Crazy amount of water in this area, going to continue with the snow we have and the blizzard going on as I speak. Anticipate a terrific spring on these shallow walleyes.

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    For anyone who is on this alot if you ever get an email from me asking for local stuff to do don’t be surprised. We have users all over the place now, so any time I go anywhere I will be hitting you guys up for ideas/places to eat!

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    lefty I’ll try that being in Minnesota yep it’s a little chilly with a nice snow storm going on now

  • blackjac Have done many pounds of sticks with no water bath and have not had wet sticks.Hope it works for you. And get your shovel ready.

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