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    I finally got around to try my hand at chicken sausage. I used Walton’s Supreme Pizza Bratwurst Seasoning with their hi temp mozzarella cheese. I ground up 3.5lbs of chicken thighs with some of the skin through a 4.5mm plate. Once the chicken was ground I added the Supreme Pizza Bratwurst Seasoning per Walton’s conversation chart. Instead of water I used low sodium chicken broth. With everything mixed I then mixed in the 7oz. of the hi temp cheese. I stuffed them into 24-26 sheep casings. Grilled a few up for dinner and the rest will be going in the freezer. Two things I will do a little different next time. I’ll reduce the amount of cheese as the cheese seemed to be the predominant flavor. I will also reduce the amount of liquid as it seems chicken needs less then pork or beef as the slurry was a little loose.

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    @Retired-RailRoader they look tasty good job

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    @Retired-RailRoader First, those look amazing! Second, yeah, the water content of chicken breast (which is usually pumped within an inch of its life) is great than beef/pork so using less water would be a good idea.

    Did you use chicken breast, thighs or what? The best I made were with chicken thighs though the extra processing time was annoying. Next time you do this the Feta and Spinach is great with chicken and I don’t like Feta cheese, or spinach, so go figure!

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    Jonathon I used all chicken thighs, 1/2 of them with skin on for some fat. Processing was pretty easy, partially froze them and a single pass through a 4.5mm plate.

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