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    4 Cheese Pizza Brat

    4 Cheese Pizza Brat

    Learn how to make 4 Cheese Pizza Brat with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Melt Cheese
    Flatten Out
    Chop Cheese
    Grill Brats

    Meat Block

    10 lb of Untrimmed Pork Butts (any protein w/ about 20% fat will do)
    Supreme Pizza Bratwurst Seasoning 7.2 oz for 10 lb batch
    Mozzarella High Temp Cheese
    Cheddar High Temp Cheese
    Hot Pepper High Temp Cheese
    Ghost Pepper High Temp Cheese

    Why Use 4 Kinds of cheese

    We are using the Supreme Pizza Bratwurst Seasoning for our first test of using 4 kinds of cheese in a single product. We chose to go with Mozzarella (obviously), Cheddar, Hot Pepper and Ghost Pepper Cheese for the added flavor and heat. We generally like to recommend that 1 lb of cheese per 10 lb of meat but since this product is specifically about getting a strong cheese flavor we upped that and went with a little over 1.25 lb of cheese for a 10 lb meat block.

    Melt Cheeses, Chop & Cool

    The High Temp Cheeses come pre-cubed so we could have just mixed them but we wanted to find a way to make sure every bite had all 4 kinds of cheese in it, or come as close to it as is reasonably possible. So, we decided to try melting the High-Temp Cheese, which is exactly what it is designed not to do! We laid everything in a pan and turned our stove on to about 3/4th the way to the max, stirring it the entire time. Eventually, the cheese started to melt, and we just kept stirring making sure we weren’t letting it burn. Once we had the level of melting we felt that we needed we transferred the cheese to a pan that we had lined with some Freezer Paper and then put that in the freezer to cool and solidify. Once everything had cooled down we chopped it up into small enough pieces to stuff into our sausage.

    The Brat

    • Grind your meat twice, through a 3/8" plate first and then through a 3/16th" plate the second time. Pork is what we used but you can use beef or another protein, just make sure you are around 80/20 Lean to Fat.
    • We measured out the correct amount of seasoning and mixed that in with the water before adding that to the meat because we wanted to make sure we got even dispersal without getting the meat to the point where we were extracting proteins. This is a fresh sausage so we do NOT want protein extraction here.

    Mix & Stuff Normally

    When you add your seasoning to the meat you should add the cheese at the same time, this will make sure that you get even dispersal throughout the sausage. Just mix until all the water and seasoning is mixed into the meat and the cheese looks like it is somewhat even throughout. Then, stuff into casings, for this we used 30mm Fresh Collagen but you could absolutely use Tubed or Regular Hog Casings. Link these into whatever size you want, natural casings will hold closed better than the collagen casings.

    Cook on the Grill

    Just cook on Medium-High until the internal temp is 160° and enjoy!

    Extra Notes

    We added some Pizza Sauce (store-bought as we didn’t have time to make one) and served them on a bun to make it more like Pizza, we absolutely recommend you do this!

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    Watch WaltonsTV: 4 Cheese Pizza Brat

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