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    This is for someone on social media who was asking for a Knackwurst Recipe:
    Meat Block:
    Lean Beef (15% fat) 2 lb
    Lean beef or pork (20%) 1 lb
    50/50 beef trim (55% fat) 1 lb
    Pork Trim (60%) 3 lb
    Lean pork Trim(25%) 3 lb
    Ice 2 lb
    Knackwurst Seasoning for 10 lb

    Blend or chop all ingredients to a smoothy like consistency. Do this in a cooler or very cold environment if possible
    stuff into 38-42mm hog casings
    Hang or coil in smoker
    Smoke Schedule:
    1/2 hour at 130° dampers open with no smoke
    1/2 hour at 150° close dampers and add smoke
    Smoke at 170° until internal temp of sausage is 145
    Continue cooking but cut smoke and add humidity if possible until internal temp is 160°

    Cold shower for 10 or ice bath for 20 minutes

    Air dry for until they are at room temp and put in the cooler before vac packing the next day

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