• Has anyone made hot dogs using the buffalo cutter/chopper? I caught an amazing deal on deal on one and really want to give it a try! Looking for some guidance! Thanks in advance

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    Wish I could find a good deal on one too. They are the way to go for medium and larger size batches (they can produce enough to supply a small business for sure). So far, I make my homemade hotdogs with a food processor after grinding the meat 3 or four times through the smallest plate my grinder can use. The principle is the same, reducing the particles of fat and lean to produce an emulsion which is not really possible with just a grinder. Bowl choppers also make adding seasonings and ice (if needed) pretty easy. A great piece of kit if you have access to it.

  • Mine is one speed the videos I’ve watched use at least two different speeds! Still accomplishes the same thing?

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    dwilk1 Yeah, bowlchopper is the way to go with hotdogs, it emulsifies the meat better than you can get with a grinder. What guidance are you looking for here? How long to chop and what speed? How many lb are you doing, what is your meat block and whats the brand of your chopper?

  • Jonathon mine is only one speed. My question is does the fact that it’s only one speed change it’s capability to properly emulsify the meat/fat? I’m only doing small (5lb) batches. What I’ve read it’s lean with salt and cure, ice, seasonings, ice, fat, ice. Emulsification happens at 55deg? I have and older Hobart unit that has the #12 power hub in the front.

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    dwilk1 There are more factors than just the temperature when it comes to emulsification, though that certainly is one of them! What protein are you using? Is it straight beef, straight pork, a mix of the two? Just FYI I am visiting some meat processing plants tomorrow so I will do my best to respond but it might not be until Friday.

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