• If I am going to tumble my meat and seasoning for 15 minutes the immediately put in dehydrator, is it safe to still add sure cure? Would you also add Sodium Erythorbate if adding sure cure as do not want to add ECA and have the tang with jerky.

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    Waynegus Nope, no need for a cure accelerator when tumbling jerky. It allows the cure to penetrate as you are tumbling so you are good to go! Though I would recommend that you quickly cook it to 160° before going to the dehydrator for safety. Heat needs some moisture to kill bacteria and if it gets too dry too quickly you wont be able to kill it.

  • Hi Jonathon, what drying temps and cycles do you recommend for whole muscle jerky strips cooked quickly to 160 degrees and then dehydrated? I’m interested in this method, but noticed most of the recipes on here are dried very low and then brought to 160 at the end. My custom dehydrator can range up to 200 degrees and be vented/closed so it’s fairly flexible.

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    Amiel Leblanc If you are wanting to cook up to 160 and then dehydrate I’d recommend that you cook quickly and I would then say move the dehydrator set at full until you have achieved 50% loss. However, with a dehydrator capable of going to 200 I’d recommend you stick with this :
    130F for 1 hour (open damper on smoker)
    145F for 2 hours (2/3 closed damper on smoker)
    175F until internal meat temp of 160F

    So turn on the dehydrator fan full for 1st stage and then medium for 2nd? Sorry I am working this out in my head. You’ll achieve the drying no question, so I would recommend just leaving dehydrator on full for all 3 cycles.

    Joe Hell BNack in december your posted “You can throw the marinated meat in a zip loc or preferably a vacuum sealed bag and ‘knead’ it by hand for 10-20 minutes and then rest overnight, flipping on occasion. I will use my Weston racks over a covered sheet pan to cook the jerky to 160 in a 350 degree oven quickly then finish in the dehydrator set to 160.” How long did you leave it in the dehydrator and at what setting?

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    Jonathon I run my dehydrator at 160 for the duration. I have found that after loading it up that the temp drops significantly and takes about 4-5 hours depending on the temp of my house (or the meat shop) that just about the time it climbs back to 155-160 that the jerky is done. I prefer a softer jerky so depending on how dry you like it you could be looking at another hour or two. Once I hit my preferred state I will then cut the heat and allow the fans to bring it down to room temp for approx 30 minutes. After that I will just let it hang out for a few hours before bagging and refrigerating.

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    Joe Hell Thanks man!

  • Jonathon Thanks, we’re going to try this method today and compare to my usual “160 degrees until it’s done”, I’ll let you know how it goes. How much vacuum pressure is normally used to tumble the meat? I’m wondering if my cabela’s vac sealer has enough power to make a difference in the marinading process.

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    Amiel Leblanc When we tumble meat for jerky with our KMV Tumbler we generally stop it when it reaches -23 inHG which is -11 psi. If it can come close to that you should be good.

  • Thanks everyone. Tumbler arrives tomorrow so looking forward to see the difference it will make over bagging and resting 24 hours.

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