Making the Walton's hot links with 50/50 venison/pork

  • My primary question is, should I triple grind the venison the same as the recommended triple grind of beef?

    Also, the ingredients for the hot links includes citric acid. I know it’s different from ECA, but will this give my sausages a “tang”? I’m not really looking for that.

    Thanks in advance, and any pointers by all means throw them my way! Thanks!!

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    73Saint The citric acid in the seasoning is a small amount that I have never noticed when eating the hotlink.

    Yes, unless you have something like a bowl chopper then grinding that 3rd time just like with beef or pork is your best option. Make sure your meat is super cold when you begin and I also suggest you put the meat back into the freezer for 15 minutes or so between the 2nd and 3rd grind.

    Cellulose casings make a beautiful skinless product so that is what I would go with for casing. When you are mixing in the seasoning make sure you have excellent protein extraction, should be simple with triple ground meat.

    Take pics!

  • Thanks Jonathon! Ok, so if I don’t have cellulose (I was planning on using hog casings), should I wait? Or will hog casings (32-35mm) suffice?

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    @73S Hog casings will absolutely work, no reason to wait but 32-35mm is going to present as a very thick diameter hot dog. It won’t make any difference other than that though so I would say go ahead, and if you want to do it again go with 26mm cellulose casings which is a good size and we sell them in individual strands. Or go with one of the sheep casings, any size of those should work well!

  • Jonathon I guess my confusion lies with the fact that I didn’t realize hot links were hot dogs. I was hoping to make a sausage, not a hot dog. Is the flavor profile for the hot links seasoning you sell that of a hot dog?

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    73Saint No, I wouldn’t say it is too similar to the Frank and Bologna or any of the other hot dog seasonings we sell but it is often stuffed into something around a 26mm casing, or at least that is always how I have done it!

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