Stuffer Gasket for OLD Optima 9 Ltr Stuffer

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    I rebuilt a 40-? Year old Optima 9 Ltr stuffer which has a leather gasket on stuffing plate and it works great till I put a 10-12 mm stuffing tube on it for snack sticks. I am looking at all options for getting less blow by with the current set up. I have searched the net for parts, no luck and am thinking about having a new stuffing plate made out of marine grade aluminum with o-ring grove and air bleeder. Any body have cheaper or better options? My stuffer is approximately 6 1/4" diameter and has metic bolts so guessing it is German.

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    akdave Dont have any ideas for you but I can tell you that neither the 7/11 lb or the 26/33 lb stuffer pistons or gaskets will work for that. The small is about 5" (inside diameter) and about 8" (outside diameter). Good luck!

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    Think I got it resolved Hydralic shop has food grade O-rings that should work and local machine shop estimates that for $100.00 they can make a spacer plate for stuffing plate and also machine the plate for air bleader valve.

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