How To Make Homemade Smoked Ham - Recipe

  • How much liquid smoke do you think I should use? I remember brining and injecting a whole turkey and If I remember right about a couple tablespoons to about 2 gallons of water is what I used… Thanks much! I will post pictures of the finished products!

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    cu_hunting Oh yeah, it is a tiny amount 3 oz of the Liquid Smoke we sell is enough for a 100 lb of meat, so that would be about right, potent stuff!

  • The California ham spice isn’t going to throw off the “normal” flavor of a ham will it? or the bacon booster? I bought everything that you guys recommended in your video’s… Just want the “store bought” taste if you know what I mean… Sorry for all the dumb questions. Thanks again!

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    cu_hunting Nope, not dumb questions, at least not in my mind. Now, a store-bought ham or bacon might be better than your first few tries, depending on what you like. Hams can be difficult to get really good at but once you get it a homemade product should be similar/superior. For bacon, once you make one or two yours should be superior to what you can buy in the store.

    Add ham spice for sure, without it you won’t get much of a “ham” taste, they are using something similar in the hams you are getting from a store. For the bacon the Bacon Taste Booster is designed to add old world bacon taste when using modern curing techniques like injecting and tumbling, so that won’t throw it off either.

  • I’ve made ham twice now, it’s been small wild hog hams. The first was boneless. I injected it per the recipe. It turned out a bit salty, but otherwise excellent. The last one I did was bone-in, and weighed 4 pounds. I didn’t have sure gel and used carrot fiber instead. I injected and cooked as before. However in this finished ham there were obvious pockets of cure that were a bit unappetizing. Again, otherwise the flavor was great. I have two questions, first do you think the carrot fiber sub was an issue? I noticed that the injection mixture was pretty thick going in. Secondly, do you think soaking would be more effective than injection on such a small ham? And as far as cooking schedule on such a small ham, I shortened each temp/time period by about half, is that the right move? Thanks!

  • bcompton53
    I forgot to add that in the first ham, due to the aforementioned confusion in the recipe, I injected and also let sit in brine for 4 days. The last ham was just soaked overnight. In both cases I left out the sodium Erythorbate.

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    bcompton53 I would imagine that the Carrot Fiber played a part in your cure not equalizing. They do sell an injectable carrot fiber but its only available for special order from Excalibur. Since it gets so thick I imagine your cure was mostly bound up in the carrot fiber and it couldn’t travel everywhere. With a 4 lb you can inject or brine it, the only thing that would concern me would be green bone even with such a small ham, it’s unlikely though so you should be ok.

  • Jonathon thanks!

  • To reduce saltiness can/should the ham be placed in cold fresh water for a couple hours after the cover brine before smoking? Not sure if it will have the same saltiness reducing effect as say on a dry cured bacon?


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