Wrinkled Sausage Casings

  • I just made some summer sausage yesterday, after I took them out of the smoker the casings were very wrinkled, I made sure when I secured the open end that the log was tight. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if I am missing something.

  • Admin

    First thing I always ask people when the casings wrinkle is if they used a cold water shower or ice bath after the product was done cooking. If the casings were not wrinkled immediate when done cooking, but then started to wrinkle quickly once the cooking was done, then you may just need to use a cold water shower/bath to help cool the product more quickly and set the casing/meat. If they wrinkled during the cooking process, it could be more of an issue with understuffing or too low humidity during the cook cycle.

  • Austin,
    Thank you for the quick response. To answer your question they were wrinkled as soon as I took them out of the smoker. I surmise that I had a under stuffed condition, even though they felt tight, I’m sure if I were to have used a stuffer instead of my grinder to stuff they would have been better off. I see a stuffer in my future.

  • Admin

    @kgramke Probably understuffing or humidity if they were wrinkled immediately. If you don’t already do this, also try adding a pan of water in your smoker or oven during cooking to help keep the humidity up.

  • Austin is right. Ice bath until temp is below 100 or even cooler 9 to 20 min. Hang in the refrigerator to allow to completely cool. Try adding water to your smoker as well it might be way to dry this should help with smoke pen as well. Make sure you soak your cases before you syuff this will help with air pockets and case capacity ( the moist case will aid with a better case fill). Turn the top of the case a few times to squeeze out the air and seal with a hog ring don’t tie off.

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