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    :orangehat: So we all have someone/something that we remember having that we try to replicate…mine is the “sticks” from Country Store. We used to get 5# boxes and my brother and I would just destroy them! Now Country Store used to be a small retail and game butcher shop outside Muncy, PA but now the retail shop closed but I guess they are still producing product and wholesaling it. As much as I love my sticks these are the gold standard! Austin Jonathon any chance you have single sleeves to package like this?country store.JPG :orangehat:

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    Smallest bags we have for vac sealing are 2.5 x 10s which might work but I think those are roll stock machined. The ones on the outside I am sure of but the inside one might be a vac bag like the one most of us use. Another thing you could do is by a wide bag and cut it to size, then seal one half and then you have long (however wide the bags were) by customer width, which is the height of the original bag just sliced down to your specification!

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    Parksider they are the best. Grew up on country store. Easter ham was often country store.

    If you get over to Danville stop in at (Bobby) George’s Meats. They have some pretty good beef sticks.

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    whoa…@srg158 Love Bobby George’s scrapple and get there early for some cracklin’s! Don’t think I’ve had the beef sticks thought.

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