• Masterbuilt

    Couple questions on making Lebanon Bologna for the first time.

    1. Can I use all Beef or do I need to use Pork and Beef? If I do use all beef will it look more like hamburger when done or will it look pink like store bought bologna?

    2. I have encapsulated citric acid to add to the mix. I understand to add this in the last 60 seconds of the mixing. Do I go ahead and stuff and smoke then? Or do I stuff and still wait overnight before cooking?


  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    knifemaker3 Now, are you making a true lebanon bologna or are you making our version? Our version is delicious but it is sort of like our chorizo, a lot simpler as it doesn’t require any dry curing. If you are making ours then by all means, use all beef or all pork or a mix. The burger meat will burn a nice pinkish red during the cooking process, while you mix it with the seasoning/cure it will turn brownish but during thermal processing it will change.

    If you are using ECA go right to smoker! If you want to try something cool add some extra hot ground red pepper for a little zip, it works beautifully with the Lebanon. I think we added it at the rate of 3 oz per 100 lb of meat…Excalibur stopped selling it that hot though so something like normal hot red pepper could be used at about 6 oz per 100 lb and would probably be good!

  • Team Orange

    Jonathon please let its knowhow this turns out. I’ve been thinking to make some also. Had anyone made sweet lebanon? I live in Fla now but used to sellJohn F Martin sweet bologna when we lived north. Good stuff!

  • Masterbuilt

    Jonathon yes I’m making from your seasoning. Thanks for the tips. I’ll post if I get a chance to make some this weekend.

  • Team Orange

    knifemaker3 I’ve made it using 50/50 pork butts and beef and while not exactly like traditional lebanon (Seltzer’s, et al), the seasoning flavor is great and reminds me a lot of the real thing. I used the 4.6 in x 24 in Fibrous Red Bologna Casing and it took a looooong time to get that internal temp up to 160 without setting the temp above 180 in the smoker. It eventually turned out great, but next time I’ll use the Sous Vide to get them to 160.

  • I have a couple of questions also on making Lebanon Bologna for the first time.

    Your video says for a 10lbs batch to use sure cure, sure gel, sodium erythorbate and the seasoning.
    But on the seasoning bag it only says to use seasoning plus sure cure and encapsulated citric acid.

    I will be using 10lbs of lean beef with beef fat to try and make it traditional style.

    Do I need to add sure gel ?
    Do I need to add sodium erythorbate?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    adamj Sure gel is optional but I always like to add it, it helps with binding. Yes, use sodium erythorbate (or another cure accelerator like Encapsulated Citric Acid) or hold it for 12 hours after stuffing.

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