March 2017 Giveaway & Sales

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    Walton's March 2017 Giveaway & Sales

    Each month in 2017 we will have a new giveaway and corresponding video. The giveaway will have an average retail value of nearly $440. So make sure to subscribe to WaltonsTV to be the first to know when a new giveaway starts. And remember to tap the bell next to the subscribed button to get notified about all new videos

    March 2017 Giveaway

    Our giveaway for March is a Marinade Express Vacuum Tumbler and a set of Excalibur Sauces & Marinades valued at over $345 total value. Entries will be accepted now and lasting until March 31st. No purchase is necessary, just visit for a complete list of rules and to get entered now!

    March Savings & Discounts

    Our Sales for March begin right now and last until April 3rd, or while supplies last. March sales are all about jerky making and seasoning, plus totally bamboo cutting boards.

    To start things off, all jerky seasonings will be 17% off. Just use the coupon code “JERKY17” in your shopping cart at

    For jerky making equipment, we’ve also got the All-Around Jerky Maker discounted $10 making it only $24.99. Then there is the Weston Jerky Gun for $15 off making it only $29.99 and also the Weston Jerky Gun Junior is discounted $10 making it only $19.99. You can also save $10 on our 3 Tier Jerky Racks and pick one up for only $29.99, or get a brand new Weston Jerky Slicing Board for less than $20. The last piece of equipment you’ll need for jerky is a new dehydrator and we just so happen to have the Weston 6 Tray Digital Dehydrators discounted $10 making them only $69.99

    Next up, we’ve got great discounts on a ton of cutting boards. First up, are the 2-Tone Bar Boards from Totally Bamboo. 3 sizes are available with the smallest being only $2.99, the medium 2-Tone Bamboo Board costs $5.99, and the largest 2-Tone Bar Board comes in at $10.99.

    The next cutting board is the Mailbu Groove from Totally Bamboo, normally priced at $23.99, it is now discounted $6 at $17.99.

    Our next group of cutting boards on sale are all normally priced at $20, but for March, save $4 each and pay only $15.99 for the PolyBoo double-sided cutting board (one side is a poly cutting board and the other is bamboo), plus the Cork Footed Cutting Board and the 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards Sets are only $15.99.

    There’s also the Big Easy bamboo cutting board, which is our biggest, best, and nicest bamboo cutting board, which will be available for only $49.99 during March, saving you $10 each.

    Lastly, keep your bamboo cutting boards and other wood products in tip-top shape and save a couple dollars doing it by getting the Totally Bamboo Coconut Conditioner or the Totally Bamboo Revitalizing Oil for only $5.99 each.

    Now, just head on over to (or just follow the link in the description below) to get great discounts on all these items during March, plus enter to win the Marinade Express Vacuum Tumbler and Excalibur Seasoning Marinade package.

    As always, subscribe to WaltonsTV on YouTube to be the first to know when a new giveaway or sale starts. And remember to tap the bell next to the subscribed button to get notified about all new videos.

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    March 2017 Marinade Express Vacuum Tumbler Giveaway

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