• I have made homemade snack sticks using cold water and a mixer in the past and they came out great. I am now in the process of doing larger batches at a USDA plant and they suggested using ice and a buffalo chopper. Anyone has any thoughts or experience processing the snack sticks that way? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Brianp Buffalo chopper is going to give you some more control and ice in it is pretty common. We have used them to make hot dogs and products where we want emulsification of the meat and they work excellent for that. You absolutely could use them for snack sticks, it would just be an adjustment on your speed of the blade/bowl and how long.

    I’d really recommend you try to get in touch with our commercial sales department. A buffalo chopper is certainly a commercial piece of equipment and they might be able to help you in finding one, how to use it and what other supplies you might need. You can call our customer service team at 800-835-2832 and explain your situation and they will get you in touch witht he proper commercial salesman for your area!

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