• Hello everyone,
    I just purchased some summer sausage mix and snack stick mix, we are going to make our products this weekend. I noticed on the packaging that sodium erythorbate is in some of the seasoning premixed. My understanding is that this is a cure accelerator. My question is, is it OK to still add encapsulated citric acid to this? secondly on summer sausage do you have to add a binder or can you make it without ? Lastly on one of the seasonings packages and ingredient is citric acid, so do I still need to add encapsulated citric acid to that particular mix or not ? thanks in advance for the several questions I have. Just FYI my seasonings are Excalibur from Waltons

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    jblandford if the one you got was Ton’s or like Ton’s you are good to use ECA as well. Binder helps give you a better finished product, more consistency with a better bind but it is absolutely not necessary. I always recommend that people use a binder when making wild game sausage or if they are having texture or fat content issues but even then, it can be made without it, just make sure you mix until you have lots of protein extraction.

    Yes, still add the ECA, the amount of citric acid in the seasoning already won’t be enough to speed the cure and probably won’t give you the tang you are wanting. Actually, we should cover that, you ARE wanting a tang in your product right? If not, then don’t use the ECA!

    Let us know if you have any else!

  • Thanks Jonathon , yes I am looking for the “tang”, thanks for answering all my questions I will update yall with how it turns out !!!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    jblandford Thanks for the business and as always, payment is simply some pics!

  • Jonathon EAB73906-0E64-422C-A42D-27EFCB7435DF.jpeg
    Thanks again Jon, they turned out fantastic

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