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    Last batch I ended up hand mixing because my Weston #44 couldn’t move #20 of my slim jim mix, yes it does have cure in it…
    So here’s my options, I got a line on a #50 meat mixer at a reasonable price, or I could spend a touch more and get a Hobart 20qt mixer.
    Here are my thoughts…meat mixer mixes meat…should handle it like a pro. Looks like ones here on Walton’s, not sure of the brand. Hobart is reliable as the day is long, dealer here in Rochester where i’m sure i could get parts/service if i needed it. If i wanted to ever sell it the Hobart would be gone tomorrow, the meat mixer-not too sure about. I’ve been dickering with this guy since fall and neither of us have flinched to this point. Clearly i haven’t made an offer that inspired him…
    I’m really looking for some feedback on which direction to go. FYI, I’m not a baker!!!

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    Parksider At the shop we have a new-ish Vollrath slicer and a 60 year old Hobart slicer. The Vollrath has spent 90% of its life at the repair shop. The Hobart is bullet proof

  • I use my 20qt Hobart for everything. Grinding, mixing, veg prep, etc. It’s a tank. Very low maintenance, easy to clean and sanitize. Spend a little extra, get the attachments, you can’t go wrong.

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    Exchefdan How much meat can fit in a 20qt mixer? Will 25# be okay even with cure? And you use the paddle to mix? So many questions…I just never used a mixer for anything…

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    Parksider If it really is just a “touch” more than the other one then my gut tells me the Hobart will give you longer and better service.

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    Hobart has been in the food ind. for decades that alone speaks for itself

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    Any idea about the capacity of a 20qt? Will it comfortably hold 25# of meat?

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    Parksider that’s a five gallon capacity, we did ten pound batches had plenty of room for 25 pounds and no lack of power, think Joe Hell said it best “if it’ll mix bread dough meat shouldn’t put up much of a fight!”! This one is 22qt IMG_20200128_104012545.jpg

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    Hope to do some kielbasa this weekend can let you know if 25lbs will fit,.

  • Parksider I Have mixed 25# batches in mine, just start slow (#1) and increase speed when meat block starts to adhere. Make sure to turn unit off before switching speeds, can’t remember the number of “write-ups” and reprimands I have given for ‘speed shifting’. They do make a “collar” for the bowl to keep the product from spilling out, it is used primarily for liquids and batters, but could be used for anything. I have a stainless bowl, adds a little weight, but chills in the cooler great. I use the paddle for mixing, good protein extraction, and easy cleanup. A 20qt runs on 110, but you will need a 20A circuit, I have one dedicated to the mixer. Floor model or stand model? If stand model and you are going to use the grinder or any of the powerhead attachments, a stand of the proper height is important. I put my lug on a wheeled cart and grind or shred away. I have a stainless stand w/ undershelf for attachments. Heavy unit, you are not going to want to move it every time. You should be able to find most of the extras on C-list, eBay or local auction sites, unfortunately, restaurants go out of business every day
    , their loss, your gain. Good luck!

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