Meatgistics FAQ - How to Use Meatgistics

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    Meatgistics FAQ - How to Use Meatgistics

    As the Meatgistics community continues to grow we wanted there to be one post where someone could come to be able to find information on how to use the Meatgistics forum. This will be a "living" document that we can add too from time to time as things change or as we add or remove features.

    1. How can I search to see if my question has already been answered?

    There is a magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (highlighted image above) of any page you are on in meatgistics. Clicking on that icon will expand that field and you can type in your question. Hitting enter will then take you to a results page where you should be able to see a relevant post on the first page. In case you do not, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and go to extra pages if they are available by clicking on the 1 2 3 etc. at the bottom or click the arrow to go to the next page of results.

    2. Where should I look for information on making products?

    There are two main areas to find information on how to make meat products. The first place I would recommend is the “How To…Meat Recipes” under the Meatgistics Learning Center which I have highlighted below. This contains basic information on how to make almost any type of sausage and plenty of other meat
    The second place I would recommend is the corresponding category for Meatgistics University. For example, if you are looking for information on how to make snack sticks you would go to the “Cured Sausage” section. Once this section is completed, or at least, further along, this is where I would recommend you go first as this will have the most up to date and in-depth information on making the meat snack you are looking for.

    3. What category should I choose for my post?

    Meatgistics members can add comments to almost any post in any category but can only create posts in the “Walton’s Community Center”. In Walton’s Community if you should use:
    Roll Call - To introduce yourself to the rest of the community
    Bragging Board - Use this category when you want to show off something that you have made or a recipe you have had success with.
    Meat Processing - Use this when you have a question in regards to meat processing.
    Smoking & Grilling - Use this when you have a question on smoking or grilling or equipment.
    General - This is for anything else that doesn’t fit it into any of the above categories. Want to ask someone here how to best decorate your garage? This is the place.
    URGENT 911 - This is for time-sensitive issues that you need a quick response too. Austin and Jon will do their best to respond to this category promptly but there might be times when other members answer first.

    4. How do I create a post?

    First, to create a post you will need to be logged into your account and you will need to determine what category it should be posted in (see #3) and then you will click on the chosen category. At the top of that page will be a blue button “New Topic” that you can click. This will open up a bottom section that allows you to enter a title, text on the left-hand side and preview that text on the right-hand side. There is also the series of buttons that will allow you to; change the style of your text, make lists, strikethrough text, create links, add some emojis, upload files and choose an image for the post.

    5. How do I upload a picture?

    When you are creating or editing a post there are a few buttons between the title area and the body of your post. The second to last button is an upward pointing arrow in a dark cloud which I have highlighted in the picture below. This is the button you select to upload your picture or image. Pressing that button will open your computer’s file navigator where you can select the desired file. When it has successfully uploaded you will see a text similar to this upload2.PNG

    6. How do I change my email settings?

    Click on your profile picture or icon in the upper right-hand corner of the meatgistics page. From the dropdown menu click on settings. Here you can choose how often you get the digest, you can choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Off and never receive it. You can also opt-in or out of the newsletter here.

    7. When should I use Urgent 911?

    This is for time-sensitive issues that you need a quick response too. Austin and Jon will do their best to respond to this category promptly but there might be times when other members answer first.

    8. How can I edit a post/comment that I made?

    In the bottom right-hand corner of a post or comment that you made you will see 3 vertical dots like below


    When you click on those three dots you will see a menu that allows you to Edit, Delete, Bookmark or Share this post to other social media pages.


    Click on the Edit button and you will be able to edit text and photos that you had previously entered.

    9. Why can’t I make a post?

    If you are not able to make a post then you are not logged in to your account. Meatgstics allows guests to view information but it does not allow guests to make posts or comments.

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