Adding cheese/jalapenos to fermented SS?

  • I have a recipe for cooked/smoked venison summer sausage and a separate recipe for fermented/smoked venison summer sausage. I have had a request to make a batch of fermented using my cooked recipe which includes cheese and jalapeno. Will the high heat cheese and chopped jalapeno ferment and dry along with the meat or will it end up with a bitter inedible fermented sausage?

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    Fbidude59 I suspect it will work but I am going to confirm this with our application specialist and Austin & I will let you know.

  • Doing 600 lb this coming Saturday. 2 hogs being butchered Friday and other than jowls and belly, rest is being ground to mix with venison. 450-500 lb of all sausage made will go to a German family farm that has a 100+ yr old smokehouse to ferment for 4-6 weeks. Balance will be smoked/cooked in a 40" Masterbuilt electric. It will only be 25# of the jalapeno/cheese going to the smokehouse. I’ve sliced up a couple pound of fresh peppers and put them in the dehydrator to use, instead of my garden grown pickled jalapenos. If the high heat cheese dries and ferments w/o any problems I think it will be OK

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    Fbidude59 I spoke with our application specialist and his suggestion was that since it is wild game that even with it being fermented cooking it is the best way to go. However, now is sort of sounds like you are doing the balance as smoked and cooked? If that is the question then yes, you are fine to add jalapenos and cheese, especially if the jalapenos are dehydrated.

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