• PK100 Masterbuilt Big Green Egg

    Making ~6lbs today. I kind of made this up, here is what I have:
    2,500g boneless, skinless chicken thighs
    390g back fat
    50g Salt
    290g sun dried tomatoes
    140g peperoncini
    6g white pepper
    5g oregano
    3 cloves of garlic
    145 g SPC for binding (I don’t have carrot fiber on hand)
    Feta cheese broken into crumbles
    ~ 250 - 300ml cold water

    Will mix all but cheese water and run through 3/8 plate, then mix with water until nice and tacky. Add cheese to blend and stuff in 32-36mm hog casings.

  • Team Blue Masterbuilt

    That sounds good. I been wanting to try some chicken sausage/brats. Just trying to find the time.

  • That probably will taste very good. I have made Italian sausage a bunch of times because his wife doesn’t eat pork. Never added pork fat and it is still pretty awesome. Thighs are juicy as is. Pork fat couldn’t mess it up IMHO!

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