• Keeping already ground and seasoned sausage mixture covered and in the refrigerator overnight and then waiting until the next day to run it through the stuffer? Is this a dumb thing to do? If it is an accepted practice what should I know before I do this? Do I add anything now or on the stuffing day?

  • Team Blue

    Choripan1 If you are talking fresh sausage it will be just fine. I prefer that as it gives times for the flavors to meld. Smoked snack sticks or summer sausage (depending on case size) would be very difficult to stuff after an extended rest.

  • Team Orange Power User Veteran

    As Joe Hell said. Anything I’m going to smoke gets stuffed first.

  • Choripan1 My last elk wore me out before getting it stuffed and was left in the frig overnight before stuffing. I put about 1/2-3/4 cup of cold water in it and mixed it in by hand. (about 30# in each tub) That help “slick” it up and it stuffed fine. Did links first then the summer sausage. It did shrink ever so slightly but is great. Like Papa said, it is better to stuff right after grinding. Saves a lot of elbow grease.

  • Team Blue

    Snack stick seasoned meat gets really sticky the longer that it sets and could be really tough on your stuffer to push that stuff through the smoker the next day. As others have said, the fresh sausage or even summer sausage would probably be OK. But, trying to push that sticky mix into snack stick casings would be a bear.

    I really like to stuff all of my sticks and sausage right after grinding/mixing and then let hang overnight which allows the casings to dry out a bit prior to going in the smoker.

    Obviously if you use the encapsulated citric acid, you need to stuff and smoke pretty quickly or the ECA will burst and mess up your batch.

    Last weekend, we did grind up 250 lbs of meat on Friday night and let it set (covered) in our garage (nice and cool in ND), then mixed and stuffed the next day.

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